DD Form 577 – Appointment/Termination Record – Authorized Signature

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 577 – Appointment/Termination Record – Authorized Signature – DD Form 577 is used to record the termination of an appointment. The appointment should be terminated by the person who originally appointed the individual to the position. The signature of the individual appointed to the position should be noted on DD Form 577. If there is a change in authority at the office where the appointment was made, then the new authority should sign DD Form 577.

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Form Number D Form 577
Form Title Appointment/Termination Record – Authorized Signature
Edition Date 11/1/2014
File Size 54 KB

What is a DD Form 577?

A DD Form 577 is a document used by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to terminate appointments in the military. This form serves as an official record that states that either a service member or civilian has been released from their position within the DOD. It is essential for any personnel who are discharged from active duty and when regular, reserve or national guard members are released from active status.

The DD Form 577 provides important information about the individual’s release date, type of discharge, place of separation, and other pertinent details such as pay entitlements. Furthermore, this form must be completed in full and must contain the signature of either an authorized official or someone with legal authority to sign on behalf of the DOD. Once complete it should be maintained in personnel records for future reference if needed.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 577?

If you need to find a DD Form 577, commonly known as the Appointment Termination Record-Authorized Signature form, you can access it from several different locations. This form is used for documenting the termination of appointments in U.S. military service, and it must be filled out with care and accuracy. The easiest way to get your hands on an updated DD Form 577 is through the Department of Defense’s website or their eForms library. It may also be available from certain personnel offices within each branch of service or through your base legal office if they handle such documents. You can always contact your local military personnel office if you’re unsure where to look for a copy. Additionally, there are online resources that provide current copies of this form that can be printed out right away without having to wait for authorization or approval from any government agency.

DD Form 577 – Appointment/Termination Record – Authorized Signature

The DD Form 577 – Appointment Termination Record is an essential document used in the termination of any type of appointment. It is a form used to document the termination of a person’s employment or appointment in the federal government. The Form must be signed by an authorized official and should include both the employee’s name and their respective appointment/position title. Additionally, it should also contain a full explanation as to why the employee was terminated, such as conduct detrimental to their position or failure to meet performance requirements. This form serves as legal documentation that can be used in future proceedings regarding the termination of an employee’s employment.

Furthermore, this particular form is crucial for ensuring all parties involved are aware of any changes made during an employee’s termination process and that all proper procedures have been followed according to the law.

DD Form 577 Example

DD Form 577

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