DD Form 1277 – Cataloging Action Request

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Download DD Form 1277 – Cataloging Action Request

Form Number Cataloging Action Request
Form Title DD Form 1277
Edition Date 4/1/1975
File Size 58 KB

What is a DD Form 1277?

A DD Form 1277, also known as a Cataloging Action Request, is a crucial component of the military cataloging process. This form serves as a formal request to initiate or modify catalog records for material items. It provides detailed information about the item’s characteristics, such as its nomenclature, technical specifications, and physical dimensions. Additionally, it includes the required documentation for obtaining national stock numbers and entering items into the appropriate supply system.

By utilizing DD Form 1277, the military maintains an up-to-date record of its inventory and ensures efficient logistics management. This form plays a crucial role in supporting the identification and tracking of material items across different branches of service and locations. Not only does it enable accurate cataloging and categorization, but it also facilitates interoperability between various supply systems.

In conclusion, DD Form 1277 is an indispensable tool in maintaining accurate records within the military’s inventory management system. Through its comprehensive information gathering and entry process, this form enables efficient logistics management and smooth coordination between different branches of service. By utilizing this standard document effectively, the military can ensure that every item is properly classified, tracked, and readily available whenever needed in support of operational requirements.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1277?

If you are in need of a DD Form 1277, you may be wondering where exactly you can find it. The DD Form 1277, also known as the Cataloging Action Request, is an important document for requesting changes or updates to cataloged items. While some military personnel may already be familiar with this form and its location, others may need guidance on where to obtain it.

To find a DD Form 1277, one option is to visit the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) website. They have several forms available for download, including the Cataloging Action Request form. Another avenue is to reach out to your unit’s supply officer or logistics specialist as they should have access to these forms and can provide assistance in obtaining them.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, many military installations have physical distribution centers where various forms and documents are kept readily available. These centers often house a wide range of materials that military personnel may require on short notice.

Overall, while locating a DD Form 1277 might seem initially challenging, there are multiple options available for acquiring it – ranging from online downloads to consultation with supply officers and visits to physical distribution centers – which ensure accessibility for those who require this essential cataloging action request form within the military context.

DD Form 1277 – Cataloging Action Request

The DD Form 1277, also known as the Cataloging Action Request (CAR), plays a crucial role in the military’s logistical operations. It serves as a formal document used to request cataloging actions for items that are not already in the supply system. This form is an essential tool that helps streamline inventory management and ensures efficient tracking of military assets.

One key aspect of the DD Form 1277 is its ability to initiate the creation or modification of National Stock Numbers (NSNs) for new or existing items. By providing detailed information such as item name, description, manufacturer, and technical characteristics, this form enables effective cataloging and standardization across all branches of the armed forces. With proper use of the CAR, logistics personnel can ensure accurate identification and procurement of needed supplies on both tactical and strategic levels.

However, while this form brings order to supply chain management processes, it also presents challenges. One issue commonly encountered is incomplete or inaccurate information provided by individuals submitting a request. Such errors could result in delays in securing essential items or incorrect catalog assignments, leading to inefficient inventory control. As such, it is crucial for those responsible for filling out the DD Form 1277 to exercise care and attention to detail when compiling information so that workflow remains smooth throughout the logistics chain.

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