DD Form 2341 – Report of Animal Bite – Potential Rabies Exposure

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2341 – Report of Animal Bite – Potential Rabies Exposure – Animal bites are a common medical emergency that can often lead to serious health consequences. One of the most concerning potential outcomes of an animal bite is rabies exposure, which is why the US Department of Defense developed DD Form 2341 – Report of Animal Bite – Potential Rabies Exposure. This form provides important information for victims of animal bites to ensure they receive appropriate medical attention if needed.

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Form Number DD Form 2341
Form Title Report of Animal Bite – Potential Rabies Exposure
Edition Date 6/1/2015
File Size 120 KB

What is a DD Form 2341?

A DD Form 2341 is a military form used to report animal bites and potential rabies exposures. It is often used by service members who may come into contact with animals during their duties, such as those working in veterinary care or handling working dogs. The form provides important information about the animal involved in the bite, including its species and vaccination status.

If a service member is bitten by an animal while on duty, they are required to fill out a DD Form 2341 within 24 hours of the incident. This ensures that proper medical treatment can be provided if necessary and that any potential rabies exposure can be identified and addressed promptly. The form includes detailed instructions for completing each section, as well as guidance on when additional medical attention may be required.

In addition to being used by service members, DD Form 2341 may also be required for civilians who are bitten by animals on military installations. If you have been bitten or exposed to an animal potentially carrying rabies while on a military installation, it is important to speak with your supervisor immediately and complete a DD Form 2341 as soon as possible to ensure prompt medical attention and reporting of the incident.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2341?

DD Form 2341 is a report used to document animal bites in people who may have been exposed to rabies. If you are looking for this form, the first place to check is your local military medical facility or veterinarian clinic as they typically have them readily available. Your state’s health department may also provide access to the form and can assist with any questions or concerns you have regarding an animal bite.

Another option for obtaining DD Form 2341 is to visit the website of the Defense Health Agency (DHA). The DHA provides a range of resources related to healthcare for military members and their families, including access to forms like DD Form 2341. You can download the form directly from their site and fill it out before submitting it to the appropriate authorities.

If you cannot locate a copy of DD Form 2341 through these channels, consider contacting your base’s veterinary services or public health office for further assistance. It’s important that you file this report as soon as possible after an animal bite, especially if there is concern about rabies exposure, so that appropriate treatment can be administered promptly if necessary.

DD Form 2341 – Report of Animal Bite – Potential Rabies Exposure

DD Form 2341, also known as the Report of Animal Bite – Potential Rabies Exposure, is a document used by the United States Department of Defense to report incidents of animal bites that have the potential for rabies exposure. The form is required by military personnel and civilians who work on military installations and are bitten or scratched by animals while on duty.

The DD Form 2341 collects information about the incident such as where it occurred, what type of animal was involved, and if there were any witnesses. It also requires information about the injured person’s medical history and their current health condition. The form must be completed within 24 hours of the incident occurring so that proper treatment can be administered if necessary.

In addition to filling out DD Form 2341, individuals who experience an animal bite or scratch should seek medical attention immediately. Even if it seems like a minor injury at first, it’s important to get evaluated for potential rabies exposure because early treatment can prevent serious health complications down the line.

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