DD Form 1077 – Collection Point Register of Deceased Personnel

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 1077 – Collection Point Register of Deceased Personnel – DD Form 1077 is a legal document that authorizes changes to a deed and is sent by individuals who are pursuing mortgage financing. It is also called a Collection Point Register of Deceased. The information contained in this document is used to determine a mortgagee’s eligibility to receive mortgage financing.

Download DD Form 1077 – Collection Point Register of Deceased Personnel

Form Number DD Form 1077
Form Title Collection Point Register of Deceased Personnel
Edition Date 8/1/2015
File Size 19 KB

What is a DD Form 1077?

DD Form 1077 is a document submitted by a prospective primary participant to the BSA. The form describes the procedures that will be followed for disaster recovery and evacuation. It also outlines how to track human remains and search for survivors. Although referred to as the DD Form 1077, it has several different purposes.

This document is necessary for the event of a death in the service. In the event of a death, a casualty card is required. The casualty card is also known as a Field Medical Card. The remains are then transported by the team to a designated site. The team carries the remains downhill or downwind so as not to expose the remains to replacements. They then lay the body on a tarp. In addition, a second tarp is placed over the remains until the body bags can be transported.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1077?

If you are in the process of applying for mortgage financing, you may need to know where to find a DD Form 1077. This form authorizes changes to an individual’s allotment. This form is also known as the casualty card or Field Medical Card. It must be completed by the sponsor and any dependents. There are several versions of the DD Form 1077.

DD Form 1077 – Collection Point Register of Deceased Personnel

The DD Form 1077, sometimes referred to as the ‘Form 1077’, is a legal document used by the BSA to track human remains. The form details the location of all remains that arrive at the BSA, and details the disposition of those remains. In the case of a disaster, the form can help with recovery and disaster recovery efforts.

To complete the DD Form 1077, a military funeral director must have the remains of the deceased. The funeral director must also complete the DD Form 1380, known as a casualty card. Once the casualty card is approved, the team can begin to transport the remains to the collection site. The team must make sure the remains are disposed of in a manner that will not cause the remains to spoil or embarrass the next of kin.

DD Form 1077 Example

DD Form 1077

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