DD Form 1085 – Domestic Freight Routing Request and Order

DDFORMS.ORGDD Form 1085 – Domestic Freight Routing Request and Order – What is a DD Form 1085? And where can I find one? In this article, we’ll discuss exactly what this document is and where you can find one. This document is required when shipping packages from one state to another. The information contained in this form is important for a variety of reasons.

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Form Number DD Form 1085
Form Title Domestic Freight Routing Request and Order
Edition Date 11/1/2007
File Size 340 KB

What is a DD Form 1085?

When requesting supplies, DODs use military standard requisitioning, which is based on the need, urgency, and end-use. This is a way to prioritize competing demands within the DOD supply system. In addition, proof of delivery is necessary to establish the transfer of custody and liability of an item.

The form must be completed by a qualified individual who is either a transportation office, a unit or an organization that transports hazardous materials. This person must have completed a DOD-authorized HAZMAT Course or be trained in a technical specialty. He or she must also be appointed by the activity commander and indicate the scope of authority for the specific DD Form.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1085?

If you are a member of the military, you may be wondering how to find a DD Form 1085. These documents are used to document the transportation of military items and are also known as signature tally records. The purpose of these forms is to establish custody and accountability of a shipment. It is also used to record the transfer of custody from sender to receiver.

The DD Form 1085 can be obtained through the Department of Defense Activity Address Directory. This directory contains a listing of authorized activities and addresses of these activities. The document will tell you which types of equipment you may need to transport your shipment. You can look up specific activities in the Directory to find one that pertains to your location.

Another form you may be able to find is DD Form 836. This is the dangerous goods shipping paper or declaration and it is necessary to have one of these forms when shipping hazardous materials. This form also includes emergency response instructions. These instructions are necessary for the driver and the vehicle if there are emergencies.

DD Form 1085 – Domestic Freight Routing Request and Order

A Domestic Freight Routing Request (DRR) is a request made by a carrier for the routing of shipments within the United States. This document is required by the SDDC in order to ensure that shipments meet certain requirements. These requirements include weights and routings.

DD Form 1085 requests may be submitted by mail, fax, or through an authorized automated computer system. After the request is received, the SDDC manually inputs the required information into its automated computer system and provides routing instructions to the requestor. This process may take up to 3 business days. Requests are handled by SDDC Operations, which is responsible for the management of the CDR movement control activity in theaters.

DD Form 1085 Example

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