DD Form 1220 – Concrete Mixture Design Data

DDFORMS.ORGDD Form 1220 – Concrete Mixture Design Data – You might be wondering what a DD Form 1220 is and where to find one. Read on to find out more. DD Form 1220 stands for Concrete Mixture Design Data. These forms are required for construction projects. They provide details about the concrete mix design. They are typically issued by banks.

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Form Number DD Form 1220
Form Title Concrete Mixture Design Data
Edition Date 8/1/1957
File Size 37 KB

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1220?

You can locate the DD Form 1220 in a variety of places. It’s mostly an administrative record and contains information on your military service, including training, qualifications, performance, and awards. In addition, it includes emergency data and disciplinary actions. However, not all of these records are electronic.

DD Form 1220 – Concrete Mixture Design Data

DD Form 1220 is a form used by the US Army to document the design data for concrete. It is a necessary document in the construction of military buildings. It contains information on engineering tests, calculations, and materials. This form is required to ensure proper design with materials and adequate control over materials used in military construction.

This form is used to determine the optimal proportions for concrete mixtures. It also specifies the total cost of the concrete. The total cost includes material costs plus carbon pricing. Constraints include the mechanical and constructability performance of the concrete. It also contains information about the slag and flies ash efficiency factors that are necessary to predict carbonation depth.

The results of the analysis are generally in agreement with experimental results. The correlation coefficient is 0.99. The parameters used for the analysis were the water content, water-to-binder ratio, slag-to-binder ratio, and porosity. The parameters were changed one by one and the results were generally the same.

DD Form 1220 Example

DD Form 1220

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