DD Form 1342 – DoD Property Record

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 1342 – DoD Property Record – A DD Form 1342 is a DoD property record. It is necessary for a company to be cleared to operate in certain states, such as Virginia. To apply for clearance to operate in these states, a company must forward two copies of this document to the defense supply center in Richmond, Virginia. It is estimated that this process requires 2.5 hours of work per response, including reading the instructions and searching existing data sources.

Download DD Form 1342 – DoD Property Record

Form Number DD Form 1342
Form Title DoD Property Record
Edition Date 1/11/2021
File Size 5 MB

What is a DD Form 1342?

A DD Form 1342 is a document used to request funding for military operations. It is signed by the Secretary of Defense and must include the amount requested, justification, and supporting documentation. This document is an important tool for ensuring that funds are spent appropriately and efficiently. This form is an essential component of a successful military operation.

DD Form 1342 is also used to report Industrial Plant Equipment (IPE). An example would be a general-purpose component of special test equipment, such as a machine or drill press. This type of equipment should not be reported until it is no longer required. The ORPA prepares the form when the item is received and forwards it to the DIPEC through a property administrator. The DD Form 1342 is the official property record for the item, and it is a legal document.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1342?

A DD form 1342 is a government form used to request funding for military operations. It must be signed by the Secretary of Defense and contains the requested amount, a justification of the expense, and supporting documentation. The form ensures that the right funds are allocated for the proper military mission.

DD Form 1342 – DoD Property Record

DD Form 1342 – DoD property record is a form used to record the property of the Department of Defense. It is required at the time of acquisition, receipt, and change. It is also used for accounting records. The government-owned plant equipment is required to have individual item records. These must contain minimum information such as manufacturer name, model, serial number, and year built. They may also contain information on their location, disposition document reference, and award number.

A new DD form is used to keep track of scrap and salvage. It reports to the Government Property Administrator and must include the award number, the equivalent code designation, and a description of the item.

DD Form 1342 Example

DD Form 1342 - Page 1 DD Form 1342 - Page 2

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