DD Form 1348-7 – DoD MILSPETS DFSP Shipment and Receipt Document

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 1348-7 – DoD MILSPETS DFSP Shipment and Receipt Document – If you have ever wondered what a DD Form 1348-7 is, you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you understand this document and where you can find it. It is a very important form that documents the shipment and receipt of certain military items. Using the proper form is vital to protect your military personnel.

Download DD Form 1348-7 – DoD MILSPETS DFSP Shipment and Receipt Document

Form Number DD Form 1348-7
Form Title DoD MILSPETS DFSP Shipment and Receipt Document
Edition Date 8/1/2006
File Size 673 KB

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1348-7?

If you need to sign a DD Form, then you can use a template, like the DD Form 1348-7, to complete the form. This template is available online and has three signature options: typing, drawing, and capturing. Once completed, you can save and send the form as an attachment. If you need a hard copy of the form, you can also print it out.

To fill out a DD Form, you will need to provide the following information: demilitarization code, which can be obtained from FEDLOG and WebFLIS. You will also need to enter the condition code, which tells you the general condition and serviceability of the property. You will also need the disposition services location, which is where you will find the generator of the turn-in document. Then, you can fill out the document with the appropriate data. The final step is to enter the DTID, which is a four-digit serial number.

DD Form 1348-7 – DoD MILSPETS DFSP Shipment and Receipt Document

The DFSP Shipment and Retention carries information about a shipment from one DFSP to another. In Part II of the form, the DFSP will enter details related to the shipping and receiving activities. Information in Boxes 12 to 16 will include the DFSP name, address, DoDAAC, and point of contact name and phone number. This DD Form is required to be signed by the authorized representative of the shipping DFSP.

The DFSP Shipment and Retention consist of two parts: the DD Form 1348-1A and the DD Form 1348-2. The DD Form 1348-1A is the DFSP Shipment and Retention document that the shipping activity prepares. It is a mandatory form for all shipments to DoD customers, foreign military sales, and contractors.

DD Form 1348-1A is 8-1/2 inches long and five-and-a-half inches high. It can be printed with a non-impact printer on plain stock paper. The margins should be one-fourth inch wide. You can also eliminate the outside lines if you have to.

DD Form 1348-7 ExampleDD Form 1348-7 - Page 1 DD Form 1348-7 - Page 2

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