DD Form 1391 – FY ____ Military Construction Project Data

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 1391 – FY ____ Military Construction Project Data – A DD Form 1391 is a document that is required for the construction of military facilities. It is required for every project that is part of a MILCON program. There are specific requirements for this form, and you should follow them. These guidelines can be found in the Facilities Management Guides, Section 6.0.

Download DD Form 1391 – FY ____ Military Construction Project Data

Form Number DD Form 1391
Form Title FY ____ Military Construction Project Data
Edition Date 7/1/1999
File Size 41 KB

What is a DD Form 1391?

The DD Form 1391 is a package used by the Department of Defense (DoD) for submitting project requirements and justification. The package includes the project’s description, construction cost, and supporting documentation. These documents go through various reviews before they are approved or denied. Therefore, they must be comprehensive and detailed.

The DD Form 1391 template helps streamline the document workflow. It can be edited electronically and is available in multiple formats. It can also be printed or shared by email attachment. SignNow is a web-based service that helps streamline the workflow and document management process. Users can create documents using the DD Form 1391 fillable template and upload them from their computer, mobile device, or other services.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1391?

DD Form 1391 is a project management form that represents a construction project. Once completed, it may be read by a different user with the creator’s approval. DD Form 1391s are stored in a directory that is accessible to all system users. This directory contains successful DD Form 1391 projects. The information in this directory is easily retrieved through multiple data retrieval procedures.

If you’re wondering how to fill out a DD Form 1391, you can use a fillable form to make the process as efficient as possible. Many fillable DD forms are designed with advanced tools so that you can edit them and customize them electronically. You can even download an editable version to print or share it via email.

The Department of Defense uses this form to document the requirements of a project and its justification. It provides a detailed description of the project, the estimated cost of construction, and any supporting documentation needed to support the project’s specifications. The information contained in this form must be accurate and complete in order for it to be approved.

DD Form 1391 – FY ____ Military Construction Project Data

The DD Form 1391 is a document that is used by the Department of Defense to track the progress of MILCON projects. Its electronic features allow users to monitor the status of their projects, review comments, and print attachments. For example, they can attach a site map or a picture. This form is also used by the Department of Defense to submit information to Congress.

The purpose of the DD Form 1391 is to document justification and program requirements for a construction project. The document contains a description of the construction project, the cost estimates, and any supporting documentation required by the Department of Defense. The document is reviewed by the Office of Chief Engineers and complies with applicable regulations, criteria, and data sources.

The Chief, FE is responsible for managing military construction projects. He must complete the DD Form 1391 and submit it for approval. He should also use the 2851 Monthly Congressional Report and a financial management system. The Chief, FE should also retain key supporting documents, file electronic copies in a data repository, and coordinate with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service. The FMS should be informed monthly about capital CIP expenditures.

DD Form 1391 Example

DD Form 1391

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