DD Form 1392 – Data Message Form

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 1392 – Data Message Form – You may be wondering: What is a DD Form 1392? And where can I find one? This article will answer your questions about the Data Message Form, or DD Form 1392.

Download DD Form 1392 – Data Message Form

Form Number DD Form 1392
Form Title Data Message Form
Edition Date 8/1/1962
File Size 128 KB

It is a military form that contains messages from your unit to the Department of Defense. If you want to obtain a copy of this form, you must have a copy of the DD-214.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1392?

This form is used to request paper copies of medical records. The copies are usually kept in a colored medical records jacket. On the form, the gaining unit’s address is written in the Return To: section at the bottom, and the loss unit’s address and contact information are written in the To: section at the upper left corner.

Block 9 is for family member information, and block 10 is the requestor’s signature.

DD Form 1392 Example

DD Form 1392

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