DD Form 1475 – Basic Allowance for Subsistence Certification

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Download DD Form 1475 – Basic Allowance for Subsistence Certification

Form Number DD Form 1475 –
Form Title Basic Allowance for Subsistence Certification
Edition Date 12/1/2017
File Size 262 KB

What is a DD Form 1475?

A DD Form 1475 is a type of request for reimbursement for missed meals. It must be filled out by a soldier who is enrolled in a mandatory meal collection program. The request must show that the meal was missed because of military reasons. The soldier must submit the DD 1475 to their commander to receive reimbursement.

Dependency determinations are made by the DFAS based on service member status and circumstances. Dependency determinations can affect pay, allowances, and health care. A service member’s dependent status will play a big role in the DD Form 1475. During initial redetermination, the service member must submit the same documentary evidence. Active duty service members must resubmit the form annually, while reserve personnel must resubmit it every three years.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1475?

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When the form is submitted to the DFAS, it is checked for accuracy. It is then sent to the unit commanders or personnel processing organizations. They are required to take follow-up action within 30 days. Once received, the Finance Office will make adjustments to the service members’ paychecks. When missing meals are claimed, the form should specify the month for which the missing meals were missed.

DD Form 1475 – Basic Allowance for Subsistence Certification

If you are a soldier and you missed a meal during your duty, you can file DD Form 1475 for reimbursement. This form must be submitted to your commander in order to receive the reimbursement. Missed meals are reimbursed at a discounted rate per meal. This includes breakfast.

This form is used to receive reimbursement if you miss a meal provided by the Army. However, it is not appropriate for those who are on annual training or short-term active duty. If you are missing a meal provided by the Army, you need to fill out DD Form 1475.

DD Form 1475 Example

DD Form 1475

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