DD Form 1498 – Technical Effort and Management System

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 1498 – Technical Effort and Management System – DD Form 1498 is an acronym for Technical Effort and Management Sy. It is filed by defense contractors who complete projects for the Department of Defense. The form details the technical effort and costs related to the project. It must be filed by the end of the project in order to ensure compliance with government contracting regulations.

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Form Number DD Form 1498
Form Title Technical Effort and Management System
Edition Date 8/1/1999
File Size 36 KB

What is a DD Form 1498?

A DD Form 1498 is a document required by the Department of Defense for the annual report on CAAS. It must be submitted with the annual report to DTIC and must be attached to SD Form 419. If the sponsoring OSD Component does not wish to report CAAS to DTIC, it must include an explanation in the annual report and DD Form 1498.

The DD Form 1498 is filed with the DTIC by an OSD Study Coordinator. The OSD Study Coordinator must complete the DD Form 1498 and enter the appropriate small, capital, and date into the appropriate sections. Depending on the type of service being procured, the DD Form 1498 will be assigned a DD 350 code category. This code can be an R400 or an R500 series code.

The contract number must be entered in block 17 of the DD Form 1498. The form should also include an explanation of the study. The OSD Study Coordinator will chair the Board. The other members are the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and the Assistant General Counsel (Logistics).

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1498?

A DD Form 1498 is a report that must be submitted with SD Form 419, the annual report for CAAS. In some cases, a sponsoring OSD Component may choose not to report the CAAS to DTIC, but the sponsoring agency must explain why.

Before submitting a DD Form 1498, the applicant must submit a copy of their certificate of release from active duty. The certificate must clearly state the characterization of the service and the discharge status, which must be “honorable” or “general under honorable conditions”. A DD Form 1498 must contain both the name of the cognizant officer and the contract officer representative. The total estimated cost must also be listed on the 7d. Once this is done, the budget and finance directorate will enter the data and WHS will coordinate the activities.

DD Form 1498 Example

DD Form 1498

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