DD Form 1597 – Contract Closeout Check-List

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 1597 – Contract Closeout Check-List – DD Form 1597 is a military document that must be filled out when a service member is injured while serving in the military. This document is used to request compensation and medical care. It is simple to fill out and contains all the information required for the military to process the injury and provide appropriate care. It should be completed immediately after an injury so that the service member can receive proper care.

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Form Number DD Form 1597
Form Title Contract Closeout Check-List
Edition Date 4/1/2000
File Size 41 KB

Normally, the PCO will reconcile the records and match the obligations and expenditures in the contract against the DFAS and ACO systems. A printout of the MOCAS obligations and expenditures will aid in this process. If any discrepancies are found in either system, the PCO must take action.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1597?

A DD Form 1597 is a military form used to report military injuries. It should be filled out as soon as possible after an injury occurs. This document can help service members seek medical attention and file a claim for compensation. It is short and easy to fill out and contains all the details necessary to process an injury. By filling out the form as soon as possible, service members can ensure that they receive the care and compensation they need.

DD Form 1597 – Contract Closeout Check-List

A contract closeout occurs when all legal, administrative, and managerial tasks have been completed under a contract. Using a contract closeout checklist can help the contract administrator ensure all tasks have been completed. There are several ways to use a contract closeout checklist to ensure your contract has been closed out properly.

If your contract has exceeded the Simplified Acquisition Threshold, you must complete a DD Form 1597 Contract Closeout Checklist. This form is provided by the Contracting Officer (CO), and is mandatory for contracts over this threshold. To make sure your contract closeout has been completed properly, review the instructions and checklist below.

Once you have completed your contract, open the Contract Closeout Checklist and click on the first tab. Here, you can view a list of action items related to the contract, such as the date of physical completion, signature, and delivery order. If there is a discrepancy, you must take reconciliation action.

DD Form 1597 Example

DD Form 1597

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