DD Form 1692-4 – Engineering Change Proposal (ECP), Page 4 (Instructions)

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 1692-4 – Engineering Change Proposal (ECP), Page 4 (Instructions) – What is a DD Form 1692-4? And where can I find one? You can now submit the DD Form 1692-4 from your home, office, or even your mobile phone. The DD Form 1692-4 is an important document to submit when requesting an engineering change. It is important that you complete it accurately and in a timely manner.

Download DD Form 1692-4 – Engineering Change Proposal (ECP), Page 4 (Instructions)

Form Number DD Form 1692-4
Form Title Engineering Change Proposal (ECP), Page 4 (Instructions)
Edition Date 1/1/2018
File Size 3 MB

What is a DD Form 1692-4?

A DD Form 1692-4 is used when the contractor is planning to make a change to an existing building. This form is part of the OMB 0704-0188 regulation. It must be submitted to the appropriate federal agency for approval. The process of submitting this form used to be a complicated one, but now it can be done without any hassle from the comfort of your home or office.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1692-4?

If you are looking to submit a DD Form 1692, you can do it online. Using the proper website can make the process quick and easy. Depending on the type of information you’re looking for, you may have to download the form to your computer first. Once you’ve downloaded the file, you should enable all features before you submit it. Alternatively, you can contact your local pay office to get assistance with the process.

DD Form 1692-4 – Engineering Change Proposal (ECP), Page 4 (Instructions)

A short form called DD FORM 1692 is needed for an Engineering Change Proposal (ECP). This document establishes uniform requirements for the preparation of an engineering change proposal. It follows the requirements of the EIA-649-B Configuration Management Standard.

The Government should process ECPs as expeditiously as possible. The proposal should include a date by which the change must be authorized under the contract. The contractor should propose a date that will allow enough time for processing by the Government. However, in some cases, expedited processing may be necessary to meet an operational need or minimize the cost of the change. It is important to note, however, that expedited processing must be done with proper priorities and need dates.

The ECP should also contain supporting data. This includes supplementary information that supports the change description and justifies the need for the change. Examples of supporting data include test data or technical documentation. This information is used by the configuration control authority to assess the proposal and grant approval.

DD Form 1692-4 Example

DD Form 1692-4

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