DD Form 1718 – Certification of Qualified Products

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 1718 – Certification of Qualified Products – A DD Form 1718 is a military form that reports the circumstances surrounding a missing soldier. This type of form is often filed by relatives of soldiers who are missing in action. It has been in existence since 1997 but has only recently been introduced to the public. The document has a variety of uses, but its most prominent uses are to report missing soldiers.

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Form Number DD Form 1718
Form Title Certification of Qualified Products
Edition Date 9/7/2021
File Size 871 KB

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1718?

A DD Form 1718 is a military form used to report the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a soldier. In most cases, it’s filed by a family member or friend of the missing soldier. The form provides the details on the circumstances of the soldier’s disappearance and is filed with the Department of Defense.

DD Form 1718 – Certification of Qualified Products

The qualification process is designed to simplify the procurement process, shorten qualification requirements, and improve product availability. It also eliminates the need for repeated surveillance audits and tests. The qualification process is outlined in Section 3 of most specifications. It is often used when other methods of conformance are not feasible or are not applicable. Most specifications specify procedures for qualifying manufacturers and sources, while others focus on specific production processes and procedures.

Qualification is a process by which manufacturers can demonstrate that their products and processes are compliant with the military’s requirements. To qualify a product, a manufacturer must establish a quality program. The process is monitored and corrected, and the DSCC-VQ performs an onsite audit at the manufacturer’s facilities to verify that the manufacturer’s quality support system is operational and controls are effective. The audit also includes an evaluation of the manufacturing flow and other processes.

DD Form 1718 Example

DD Form 1718

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