DD Form 1911 – Materiel Courier Receipt

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 1911 – Materiel Courier Receipt – DD Form 1911 is a military form that is used for requesting a Materiel Courier Receipt. The form was developed by the United States Air Force to help you track the delivery of your military supplies and equipment. It is very easy to fill out and is required for the shipments of most military equipment.

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Form Number DD Form 1911
Form Title Materiel Courier Receipt
Edition Date 4/1/2010
File Size 56 KB

What is a DD Form 1911?

DD Form 1911 is a chain of custody form that is used for documenting the transfer of body and sample transfers. It is also used to document a material courier receipt.

During an incident, a corps surgeon documents the body transfer and transfer of samples to a medical laboratory. The corps surgeons coordinate with combat units and graves registration units. A corps G2 coordinates the sample shipments to an approved laboratory. The Corps G2 documents the sample transfer on DD Form 1911.

A DD Form 1911 should be initiated at the sample collection point. A sample identification number should be marked on each sample. The sample identification number is used to document a chain of custody. This will include the date, time, and location where the sample was collected. If the sample is not a body transfer, it is documented on a Sample Documentation Form 1.

If the sample is for a body transfer, the corps G2 must notify the US Army CBATEB. The corps G2 will then coordinate the sample shipments to an area medical laboratory. The Corps G2 will ensure that additional packaging is used for doubly wrapped samples.

When a body transfer is documented on a DD Form 1911, the corps surgeon will then coordinate the body transfer with combat units and graves registration units. The corps surgeons will also transfer the bodies quickly to medical units.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1911?

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DD Form 1911 – Materiel Courier Receipt

DD Form 1911 is a fancy name for the material courier receipt. In a nutshell, it’s a document describing the transfer of a body from one medical unit to another. The form also has a brief section detailing the medical treatment and the body’s medical condition. It is the form of choice for corps surgeons who need to make a quick transfer of a mortal from one body to another. The form is also used to document the smallest and the largest samples that are to be transferred.

The DD Form 1911 is not without its shortcomings. For example, the form’s page count is a bit on the small side. Also, it’s not exactly easy to navigate. Also, the form’s headers are not particularly intuitive. If you are not familiar with the tyep and tyep tyep type name, you might be a bit perplexed as to what you should be filling in. The form’s formatting options may be too limited for you to eke out your desired result. It’s best to get a good look at the document before filling it out.

DD Form 1911 Example

DD Form 1911

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