DD Form 2060 – Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Obligational Authority

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2060 – Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Obligational Authority – Foreign Military Sales (FMS) is an important part of the U.S. government’s efforts to support foreign governments in procuring defense articles and services from the United States. The DD Form 2060 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Obligational Authority is a document that authorizes the transfer of defense articles, services, and training for FMS programs. Filling out this form properly can ensure an effective transfer of defense materials and services to foreign nations.

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Form Number DD Form 2060
Form Title Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Obligational Authority
Edition Date 3/1/1979
File Size 539 KB

What is a DD Form 2060?

A DD Form 2060 is a document used to authorize funding for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programs. It is issued by the Department of Defense and serves as an authorization for the US government to obligate funds to purchase defense articles and services from foreign sources, specifically through the FMS program. The form is divided into four sections: 1) Obligational Authority Information; 2) Type of FMS Case; 3) Identification of obligating official; and 4) Review and Signature Block. All necessary information must be completed in order for the DD Form 2060 to be valid.

The “Obligational Authority Information” section requires details about the type of FMS case, such as a Letter Of Offer And Acceptance (LOA). This section also requires information about the country receiving the defense articles or services as well as contact information for any responsible contracting officers. In addition, this section requires that each line item of funding be included with specific detail on what it will cover – such as labor costs, materials costs, etc.

The “Type Of FMS Case” section identifies whether this obligation is part of an existing LOA or if it is a new LOA being created from scratch. It also includes details regarding which military service branch will receive these funds, whether they are going towards procurements or research & development projects, along with other information related to these activities.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2060?

The DD Form 2060 is available on the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Forms website and can be easily accessed online. It is also available through the DoD’s Electronic Forms Management System (EFMS), which provides access to forms in a variety of formats, including PDF and Microsoft Word documents.

The form is intended for use when requesting funds from foreign governments for purchasing defense-related items or services under the FMS program. It should include details such as the country code, item description, price per unit, total amount requested, and other relevant information related to the specific FMS transaction.

Additionally, it must be signed by an authorized representative within the purchaser’s organization before being submitted for approval to the appropriate DoD office or agency. Once approved, the form serves as an official document authorizing payment of funds for the purchase of defense-related items or services from a foreign government or entity directly involved in FMS transactions with U.S.-based companies or organizations.

DD Form 2060 – Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Obligational Authority

DD Form 2060 is used to document the obligational authority for any Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. This form serves as the formal notification of the approved obligation and authorizes the delivery of items or services purchased through FMS programs. It includes information regarding contract numbers, amounts obligated, and deliverable items. The DD Form 2060 also includes a section that describes the conditions of the agreement, budgetary information, and other related details.

Additionally, it provides certification by a government official who has been authorized to make decisions on behalf of the FMS program. This document serves as an important source of evidence when filing lawsuits or making legal proceedings relating to FMS contracts. Lastly, this form must be kept up-to-date at all times in order to track obligations made under different FMS contracts throughout their life cycle.

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DD Form 2060

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