DD Form 2214 – Noise Survey

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2214 – Noise Survey – Noise pollution is a serious environmental problem that can affect many aspects of our lives. In order to monitor and understand noise levels in certain environments, the US Army requires the use of the DD Form 2214 noise survey. This form provides an in-depth look at acoustic sound levels in any area and is used by both the military and industry professionals to ensure safe conditions are maintained.

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Form Number DD Form 2214
Form Title Noise Survey
Edition Date 1/1/2000
File Size 1 MB

What is a DD Form 2214?

DD Form 2214, also known as the Noise Survey (DoD), is a U.S. Department of Defense form used to document and report noise levels in areas where people are exposed for long periods of time. This form is typically used by military personnel to assess potential health hazards from hazardous noise environments, such as aircraft engines, weapons fire, or any other loud noises that may cause hearing damage or interfere with communication activities. DD Form 2214 includes questions about the type of environment tested and the duration of exposure, as well as an area for recording ambient/background noise measurements and peak sound pressure level measurements during the survey period. Additionally, it contains a worksheet that can be filled out to calculate a daily noise dose value using information gathered during the survey period. This form is important in helping to prevent hearing loss among military personnel due to hazardous noise exposures while they are training and working on the base.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2214?

DD Form 2214, also known as the Noise Survey form, is an official document that can be found online in the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) forms library. The purpose of this form is for military personnel to record noise levels at their place of work or residence and submit it to their commanding officer for review. It consists of five parts: general instructions, noise survey data sheet, base/installation data sheet, site profile sheet, and summary report sheet.

The DD Form 2214 should be completed upon establishment of a new office/workspace or whenever changes occur such as relocation or acquisition of new equipment that could have an impact on the workplace environment. When submitting the form to their commanding officer, they must attach any supporting documents such as floor plans and photos that help explain the workplace conditions more clearly. Once reviewed by their command, they will receive feedback on sound levels and advice on how to reduce excessive noise in the workplace if needed.

DD Form 2214 – Noise Survey

DD Form 2214 – Noise Survey is used to measure sound levels in a particular space or area. This form includes questions about the type of environment being tested, the testing equipment and techniques used, as well as results from specific tests. The purpose of the survey is to help determine if a given environment needs any acoustic treatment or noise control measures put in place to reduce noise levels. Testing can also be done to determine if existing noise control measures are adequate for the situation. The results of the survey can be used by industrial hygienists, safety engineers, environmental health professionals, and other personnel involved in creating safe work environments. Results may also be used as part of an employee health and safety program or an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

DD Form 2214 Example

DD Form 2214

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