DD Form 2400 – Civil Aircraft Certificate of Insurance

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2400 – Civil Aircraft Certificate of Insurance – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all civil aircraft owners to obtain a DD Form 2400, or Civil Aircraft Certificate of Insurance. This document is an essential part of the licensing process for any commercial aircraft in the United States. Having the proper insurance is critical for the safety of passengers and employees, as well as meeting FAA requirements.

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Form Number DD Form 2400
Form Title Civil Aircraft Certificate of Insurance
Edition Date 5/21/2021
File Size 53 KB

What is a DD Form 2400?

A DD Form 2400 is a document that certifies the insurance coverage of civil aircraft. This certificate is required by the Department of Defense (DoD) for all civil aircraft that operate on or in support of DoD missions. The form serves as proof of liability insurance and must be carried on board the aircraft at all times.

The DD Form 2400 includes information such as the name and address of the insured party, policy number, effective dates, and coverage limits. It also lists any exclusions or endorsements to the policy. Insurance companies typically issue this form to their clients upon request.

In addition to being required by the DoD, some airports and other aviation authorities may require a DD Form 2400 before allowing an aircraft to operate on their premises. It’s important for pilots and owners of civil aircraft to ensure they have this certificate in order to comply with regulations and avoid potential penalties or fines.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2400?

If you’re looking for a DD Form 2400, the Civil Aircraft Certificate of Insurance, there are several places you can start your search. One option is to contact your insurance provider directly and request the form from them. They may be able to provide it to you electronically or send a hard copy through the mail.

Another option is to visit the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website. The FAA provides a variety of aviation-related forms on its website, including the DD Form 2400. You can download and print the form directly from their site.

Lastly, if you’re unable to find the form through either of these methods, you can reach out to your local military installation or Air Force base. They may have copies of the form available or be able to direct you to where else you can obtain it.

DD Form 2400 – Civil Aircraft Certificate of Insurance

DD Form 2400 is a legal document that serves as proof of insurance for civil aircraft owners. This certificate must be carried on board the aircraft at all times, and failure to present it when requested by authorities can result in fines or other penalties. The form includes important details about the insurance policy, including the name of the insured party, the type of coverage provided, and the expiration date.

Civil aircraft insurance is essential for protecting both aircraft owners and third parties who may be affected by accidents or incidents involving the aircraft. It provides financial compensation for damages caused to property or persons, as well as covering legal fees and other expenses related to claims. Insurance policies can vary widely in terms of coverage levels and costs, so it’s important for owners to carefully evaluate their options before selecting a policy.

Overall, DD Form 2400 plays an important role in ensuring compliance with legal requirements related to civil aviation insurance. By carrying this certificate on board their aircraft and maintaining adequate insurance coverage, owners can protect themselves from liability while also promoting safer skies for everyone involved.

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DD Form 2400

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