DD Form 250C – Material Inspection and Receiving Report

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 250C – Material Inspection and Receiving Report – Continuation Sheet – The DD Form 250C is an important document in the acquisition process of military material. It serves as a continuation sheet to the already existing DD Form 250 and provides a comprehensive overview of the material being inspected, received, and accepted by the federal government. This article will provide a thorough explanation of what information should be included on this form, how it should be completed, and where to find and download the form.

Download DD Form 250C – Material Inspection and Receiving Report – Continuation Sheet

Form Number DD Form 250C
Form Title Material Inspection and Receiving Report
Edition Date 11/1/1992
File Size 42 KB

The DD Form 250C, more commonly known as the Material Inspection and Receiving Report (MIRR), is an important document used by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). This form is used to document the acceptance or rejection of material items purchased by the DOD and provides a way to ensure quality control. The MIRR is completed by an authorized inspector and contains information about the item’s condition, performance, and quantity received.

What is a DD Form 250C?

DD Form 250C is an important document required in many federal contracts. It serves as a Material Inspection and Receiving Report, which provides evidence that materials ordered for the project were received as expected. This form is necessary to ensure that government contracts are properly executed, and it’s completed by either the government inspectors or the contractor’s representatives.

The DD Form 250C includes all relevant information regarding the material such as item numbers, part descriptions, quantities, specifications, and delivery dates. Additionally, it requires documentation of any discrepancies between what was ordered and what was actually received. Contractors must also provide a certification statement attesting that they have inspected all delivered items according to military standards and have accepted them in serviceable condition.

Overall, completion of DD Form 250C is critical to ensuring compliance with federal regulations when dealing with government contracting jobs.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 250C?

Are you looking for a DD Form 250C? This form is the Department of Defense (DoD) Standard Material Inspection and Receiving Report. It provides a comprehensive record of the inspection and acceptance or rejection of materials delivered to government activities. The DD Form 250C ensures that the material conforms to contract requirements, has been properly inspected, and accepted or rejected by qualified personnel. Where can you find this important form?

Here, you will be able to access the latest version of the form in multiple formats such as PDF or Word documents formats for easy download and printing. Additionally, some government contractors may provide copies of completed forms from recent contracts, which can be used as a reference when filling out your own copy of the DD Form 250C.

DD Form 250C – Material Inspection and Receiving Report

The DD Form 250C – Material Inspection and Receiving Report is a critical document for any military contractor. This form provides the Department of Defense with an objective assessment of the quality and condition of materials received from suppliers, contractors, and other sources. The form must be completed prior to acceptance or payment for goods or services provided by a supplier.

The DD Form 250C includes detailed information such as item description, contract number, inspection date, acceptance or rejection status, required corrections/actions if applicable, name of inspecting personnel, and their signature. It also requires that all nonconforming materials be identified and documented on the form in order to ensure they are corrected prior to delivery. In addition, it gives instructions on how to reject nonconforming material in the event that it is not able to be corrected before delivery.

DD Form 250C Example

DD Form 250C

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