DD Form 2662 – Recertified Payment Register

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2662 – Recertified Payment Register – As part of its commitment to ensuring that military service members and their families receive the financial support they need, the U.S. Department of Defense has established a variety of payment programs designed to meet different needs. One such program is the Recertified Payment Register, which uses DD Form 2662 to track and manage payments made under certain circumstances.

The Recertified Payment Register is a critical tool for ensuring that eligible service members and their families receive the payments they are entitled to in a timely and accurate manner. In this article, we will explore what DD Form 2662 is, how it is used by the Department of Defense, and why it is so important for those who serve our country.

Download DD Form 2662 – Recertified Payment Register

Form Number DD Form 2662
Form Title Recertified Payment Register
Edition Date 2/1/2001
File Size 91 KB

What is a DD Form 2662?

DD Form 2662 is a Recertified Payment Register used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to track payments made to vendors and contractors. This form is often used for contracts that extend over a long period of time, known as Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts. The purpose of this form is to ensure that the DoD only pays for products or services that have been delivered or completed.

The DD Form 2662 includes important information such as contract number, payment amount, date paid, and description of the product or service provided. The form also requires signature confirmation from both the paying officer and the vendor or contractor receiving payment. This ensures accountability on both sides and provides documentation for auditing purposes.

Overall, the DD Form 2662 serves as an essential tool in managing financial transactions within the DoD. It promotes transparency and accountability throughout all stages of contract management while ensuring timely payments are made to vendors and contractors.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2662?

DD Form 2662 is a recertified payment register that serves as a record of payments made to suppliers or vendors. This document is commonly used in military procurement and finance operations, tracking the flow of funds within an organization. If you are looking for DD Form 2662, there are several places where you can find it.

One option is to search online for a printable version of the form. The official Department of Defense website provides access to many forms, including DD Form 2662. You may also be able to find copies on other military or government websites.

Another option is to request the form from your unit’s financial office or procurement department. They should have copies available and can provide guidance on how to complete it properly.

Finally, if you are unable to locate a copy of DD Form 2662 through these methods, consider contacting the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). They can assist with any questions related to finance and accounting procedures within the Department of Defense.

DD Form 2662 – Recertified Payment Register

The DD Form 2662 is a Recertified Payment Register that is used by the US Department of Defense to track and record payments made to contractors. The form is used to certify that all the payments have been properly authorized and disbursed in accordance with government regulations. The Recertified Payment Register helps ensure that the government only pays for goods and services that it has actually received.

The DD Form 2662 recertifies payments on a monthly basis, which provides an accurate record of all transactions for each month. All payment details are entered into the form, including invoices, purchase orders, and receipts. This information is then cross-referenced with other financial records to ensure accuracy.

Once completed, the Recertified Payment Register must be signed by both the contractor and a representative from the Department of Defense. This process helps prevent fraud or misuse of funds by ensuring that all payments are properly documented and verified before they are processed. Overall, the use of this form helps promote transparency in government contracting processes and ensures that taxpayer funds are being used responsibly.

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DD Form 2662

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