DD Form 2674 – Record and Receipt of Deposits and Withdrawals of Safekeeping Funds

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2674 – Record and Receipt of Deposits and Withdrawals of Safekeeping Funds – DD Form 2674, also known as the Record and Receipt of Deposits and Withdrawals of Safekeeping Funds, is a critical document used by the United States Department of Defense. This form serves as an official record for all financial transactions involving safekeeping funds, ensuring transparency and accountability within military organizations. From depositing funds to making withdrawals, DD Form 2674 captures crucial information such as dates, amounts, and signatures to maintain a comprehensive audit trail. Understanding the purpose and significance of this form is paramount for anyone involved in military finances or seeking insights into how safekeeping funds are managed.

Download DD Form 2674 – Record and Receipt of Deposits and Withdrawals of Safekeeping Funds

Form Number DD Form 2674
Form Title Record and Receipt of Deposits and Withdrawals of Safekeeping Funds
Edition Date 9/1/2007
File Size 33 KB

What is a DD Form 2674?

DD Form 2674 is a document used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to record and acknowledge deposits and withdrawals of safekeeping funds. This form is primarily utilized by military personnel who are responsible for handling cash and other valuable assets as part of their official duties. The purpose of this form is to create an official record of each transaction, ensuring accountability and transparency in the handling of these funds.

The DD Form 2674 includes various sections where detailed information about the deposit or withdrawal is recorded. This includes the date, amount, source, or destination of the funds, as well as any necessary remarks or explanations. Additionally, individuals involved in the transaction must sign and date the form to verify its accuracy.

By utilizing DD Form 2674, the DoD aims to maintain proper control over safekeeping funds and prevent any potential misuse or misappropriation. This document plays a crucial role in tracking and auditing these financial transactions, further enhancing accountability within military organizations.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2674?

Finding a DD Form 2674 is crucial for individuals or organizations that handle safekeeping funds. This form serves as a record and receipt of deposits and withdrawals made from these funds, ensuring transparency and accountability. To obtain a DD Form 2674, one can start by visiting the official website of the Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD provides access to various forms online, including the DD Form 2674, which can be downloaded in PDF format.

Another way to find a DD Form 2674 is by reaching out to military installations or finance offices. These locations often have physical copies of the form available for individuals who prefer obtaining it in person. Additionally, they can provide guidance on properly completing the form and answer any related inquiries.

In summary, those seeking a DD Form 2674 can either visit the DoD’s official website for an electronic copy or contact military installations/finance offices to acquire a physical copy and receive assistance with filling it out correctly. Ensuring that this form is readily accessible helps maintain transparency when handling safekeeping funds within organizations or among individuals involved in military affairs.

DD Form 2674 – Record and Receipt of Deposits and Withdrawals of Safekeeping Funds

DD Form 2674 is a crucial document used in the military to record and track deposits and withdrawals of safekeeping funds. Safekeeping funds refer to money held on behalf of individuals or units for various purposes, such as personal expenses, unit activities, or emergency situations. This form serves as a paper trail that ensures transparency and accountability in financial transactions.

When making a deposit or withdrawal of safekeeping funds, military personnel must complete DD Form 2674 accurately and provide all necessary details. The form includes sections to record the date, the amount deposited/withdrawn, the purpose of the transaction, the name of the individual/unit involved, and any additional remarks. By documenting these transactions meticulously on this form, it becomes easier to reconcile financial records and prevent any discrepancies or misuse of funds.

Moreover, DD Form 2674 also serves as a receipt for both parties involved in the transaction – the depositor/withdrawer and the custodian handling the safekeeping funds. This receipt acknowledges that the funds were received or returned appropriately with proper documentation. It is essential for individuals to retain copies of this form for their records as proof of their financial dealings with respect to safekeeping fund balances within military organizations.

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