DD Form 2679 – Piping and Casing Log

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2679 – Piping and Casing Log – The DD Form 2679, otherwise known as the Piping and Casing Log, is an important document that is used in the drilling and completion of oil and gas wells. It provides a detailed description of the pipes, casings, and tubing that have been installed in each wellbore. This form is essential for ensuring that all operations comply with safety regulations and provide accurate records for future reference.

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Form Number DD Form 2679
Form Title Piping and Casing Log
Edition Date October 1993
File Size 61 KB

What is a DD Form 2679?

DD Form 2679 is an essential part of the construction process, particularly when it comes to the installation and maintenance of piping or casing. The form is used by contractors and other personnel working in oil and gas fields, refineries, chemical plants, and other facilities that involve the use of pipes or casings. It provides a comprehensive record of all information related to the installation process which includes material details, measurements taken during installation, tests performed on equipment, as well as any comments made by personnel conducting the work.

The purpose behind DD Form 2679 is threefold: firstly it serves as a means to ensure safety by providing an accurate record of all critical data; secondly, it helps maintain efficient operations since such records can be easily accessed for future reference; and finally, it helps ensure compliance with regulatory requirements governing pipe or casing installations.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2679?

The DD Form 2679, also called the Piping and Casing Log is an essential form for anyone doing any kind of work involving piping and casings. This form provides a comprehensive list of all the pipes and casings used in a certain task, as well as their dimensions, materials used, and test results. It is an important document to have on hand when it comes time to troubleshoot or repair any type of plumbing system.

Thankfully, finding a DD Form 2679 isn’t difficult. The forms can be easily obtained from most hardware stores or online retailers that sell plumbing supplies. Additionally, many government websites provide access to free printable versions of the documents. For those in need of more specialized help with obtaining this form, there are numerous resources available from expert contractors who specialize in plumbing-related tasks.

DD Form 2679 – Piping and Casing Log

Piping and Casing Logs are essential forms used in the oil and gas industry to record the installation, maintenance, and inspection of piping systems. DD Form 2679 is a United States Department of Defense form that provides contractors with a standardized system for tracking the performance of their pipelines. This form informs companies about any potential issues or problems with their piping systems before they become costly repairs or replacements.

The Piping and Casing Log helps contractors identify possible equipment malfunctions early on, as well as detect areas where additional preventative maintenance may be needed. By properly recording information such as the date of installation, manufacturer’s name, apparatus type, and pipeline integrity tests performed, contractors can easily monitor their pipelines’ performance over time.

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