DD Form 2697 – Piping and Casing Log

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2697 – Piping and Casing Log – The DD Form 2697 – Piping and Casing Log is an important tool for keeping track of piping and casing in oil and gas industry operations. It is a crucial document for ensuring that all components are in proper working order, as well as for tracking any changes or alterations to the system. This form provides valuable insight into the maintenance and effectiveness of the pipes and casings found in a variety of oil and gas industry settings.

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Form Number DD Form 2697
Form Title Piping and Casing Log
Edition Date 10/1/1993
File Size 1 MB

What is a DD Form 2697?

What is a DD Form 2697? The DD Form 2697, also known as the Piping and Casing Log, is a required form for all military operations. It provides critical information about the piping and casing used in military construction projects. This document outlines the type of pipe or casing used during installation, its dimensions, length, and weight in addition to any additional components included in the piping system.

The form must be filled out completely with accurate information before an installation can be completed. All supervisors and personnel involved with the project are required to review it carefully before work can begin on site. Furthermore, this form serves as a record of each part that was installed so that future inspections may be conducted if necessary.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2697?

DD Form 2697 is an important form for anyone involved in the piping and casing industry. It is used to document critical information such as the overall length of a pipeline, its diameter, any welds or joints in the pipe, and other essential data. But where can someone find this important form?

The DD Form 2697 Piping and Casing Log can be found on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers website. It is available as a printable PDF file in both digital and paper formats. Additionally, it can be filled out online at the same website by providing some basic information such as location, contact details, and type of pipeline being installed or inspected. Once submitted, all pertinent information will be processed accordingly.

DD Form 2697 – Piping and Casing Log

Piping and casing log forms, or DD Form 2697, are essential documents used to track the installation of pipes and casings. The form is a record of the work completed during the construction of pipe networks. It is used to document any pipe-related activities that have taken place, from initial planning stages through to final installation. This log helps contractors and maintenance personnel assess the performance of their piping system over time.

The DD Form 2697 contains information about each installed pipe such as its size, material type and date of installation. It also provides details about any associated equipment such as catchment tanks or filtration systems. This document serves as an important reference point for all future works on the network. With this form in place, it becomes easier for engineers to identify issues with existing pipes while also helping them plan future expansions more efficiently.

DD Form 2697 Example

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