DD Form 2708 – Receipt for Pre-Trial/Post-Trial Prisoner or Detained Person

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2708 – Receipt for Pre-Trial/Post-Trial Prisoner or Detained Person – DD Form 2708 is an important document used to track the detention of prisoners or detained persons. It is a receipt used to record the transfer, custody, and release of these individuals. The United States Department of Defense created this form in order to ensure that all transfers are done in accordance with military regulations and procedures. Having this form completed whenever a prisoner or detained person is moved from one location to another helps to ensure their safety and security.

Download DD Form 2708 – Receipt for Pre-Trial/Post-Trial Prisoner or Detained Person

Form Number DD Form 2708
Form Title Receipt for Pre-Trial/Post-Trial Prisoner or Detained Person
Edition Date 3/1/2013
File Size 32 KB

What is a DD Form 2708?

A DD Form 2708 is a U.S. Department of Defense form that must be completed and signed by military personnel in order to document the receipt of a prisoner or detainee prior to trial, or after conviction. This form is essential for keeping an accurate record of all prisoners or detainees who are held under the jurisdiction of the military court system. It also serves as evidence that those individuals have been lawfully placed in custody by designated service personnel and that any rights were properly respected during the process.

The DD Form 2708 includes information such as name, rank, branch of service, and Social Security number for both the person receiving custody of the prisoner/detainee and the prisoner/detainee themselves. In addition, it requires signatures from all parties involved in order to ensure accountability within this particular chain of command process.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2708?

When someone has been arrested, it is important for them to receive a DD Form 2708. This form serves as proof of their incarceration and allows the detainee to maintain legal rights. The DD Form 2708 is issued by the arresting agency and includes information such as the prisoner’s name, date of arrest, and amount of bail, if applicable. The form also contains instructions on how to proceed with any pre-trial or post-trial proceedings. If you are looking for a DD Form 2708, there are several places where you can find one.

The easiest way to obtain a form is from your local law enforcement office or court clerk’s office. These offices typically have multiple copies on hand that they can provide upon request.

DD Form 2708 – Receipt for Pre-Trial/Post-Trial Prisoner or Detained Person

The DD Form 2708 is an essential document for those charged with a criminal offense in the United States. The form serves as a receipt that must be signed and dated by both the prisoner or detained person, and the officer conducting their arrest or detention. It provides proof that the prisoner has been taken into custody as well as providing basic information about them, such as their name, address, birth date, and nationality.

It is important to note that this form should not be confused with a bail receipt which would be issued upon release from custody. This form does not provide any legal advice or confirm any agreement between parties; it is merely used for record-keeping purposes. Additionally, it should be noted that this form can only be completed during pre-trial proceedings; post-trial proceedings require additional forms to be filled out.

DD Form 2708 Example

DD Form 2708

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