DD Form 2749 – Technical Assistance for Public Participation (TAPP) Application

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2749 – Technical Assistance for Public Participation (TAPP) Application – DD Form 2749, also known as the Technical Assistance for Public Participation (TAPP) Application, is a document that plays a crucial role in ensuring public involvement in government decisions. TAPP provides technical assistance to individuals and organizations within the community who are seeking to participate in projects or programs that may impact their local environment or quality of life.

This article will provide an overview of DD Form 2749, including its purpose, who can apply for TAPP assistance, and how the application process works. We will also explore some examples of how TAPP has been used successfully in the past to promote public participation and ensure that community voices are heard when important decisions are being made.

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Form Number DD Form 2749
Form Title Technical Assistance for Public Participation (TAPP) Application
Edition Date 10/1/2003
File Size 68 KB

What is a DD Form 2749?

DD Form 2749 is a document used by the United States Department of Defense (DOD) to apply for Technical Assistance for Public Participation (TAPP) programs. TAPP is an initiative that aims to engage communities and organizations in the planning and decision-making processes related to DOD activities that may affect them. The program provides technical expertise, training, and resources to help stakeholders participate effectively.

The DD Form 2749 serves as an application form for interested parties looking to participate in TAPP programs. It requires applicants to provide information about their organization or community group, as well as the specific DOD activity they are interested in participating in. This includes details such as the location of the activity, its expected impact on the community, and any concerns or issues that need addressing.

Once submitted, the form is reviewed by a TAPP coordinator who will work with the applicant to determine how best to support their participation. This may include providing training on relevant topics such as environmental impact assessment or public speaking skills, or connecting them with other stakeholders who can offer additional perspectives or support. Ultimately, DD Form 2749 plays a key role in facilitating meaningful engagement between communities and organizations impacted by DOD activities and those responsible for overseeing them.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2749?

DD Form 2749 is a technical assistance for public participation (TAPP) application form used by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). This form is designed to assist the public in participating in DoD projects and activities that may impact their communities. The TAPP program provides technical assistance to help the public understand and participate in decision-making processes related to DoD activities.

If you are looking for a DD Form 2749, you can find it on the official website of the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). The DTIC website offers a wide range of military-related documents, including forms, reports, and manuals. You can search for DD Form 2749 using keywords such as “TAPP,” “public participation,” or “community involvement.”

Another way to obtain a DD Form 2749 is through your local DoD installation or military base. Many installations have public affairs offices or environmental offices that can provide information about TAPP programs and assist with filling out the application form. Additionally, some community organizations may have access to this form if they are involved in public participation efforts related to DoD activities.

DD Form 2749 – Technical Assistance for Public Participation (TAPP) Application

The DD Form 2749, also known as the Technical Assistance for Public Participation (TAPP) Application, is a document used by individuals or organizations seeking assistance from the Department of Defense (DoD) in improving their public participation efforts. The TAPP program aims to enhance community engagement in DoD activities by providing technical assistance and support to those involved in the process.

The form itself asks for basic information about the applicant and their project, including the scope of work, expected outcomes, and any relevant deadlines. It also requires a brief explanation of why technical assistance is needed and how it will benefit the community or stakeholders involved. Once submitted, applications are reviewed by DoD representatives who assess whether they meet program criteria and can be approved for assistance.

Overall, the DD Form 2749 is an important tool for anyone looking to improve public participation in DoD-related activities. By providing technical support and expertise through programs like TAPP, communities can have a more active voice in decisions that affect them while helping ensure that military operations are conducted with transparency and accountability.

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