DD Form 2807-2 – Accessions Medical History Report

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2807-2 – Accessions Medical History Report – DD Form 2807-2, Accessions Medical History Report, is a document that you may be asked to fill out if you are a member of the armed forces. The form is used by the government to gather information about a member’s medical background, which helps the Department of Defense identify the members who are at a good risk to the health of other enlisted soldiers. It can also help the Department of Defense determine whether the member’s health is a factor in whether they are still able to serve. It can also help them decide whether to place the member on restricted duty or transfer them to another unit.

Download DD Form 2807-2 – Accessions Medical History Report

Form Number DD Form 2807-2
Form Title Accessions Medical History Report
Edition Date 12/7/2021
File Size 305 KB

What is a DD Form 2807-2?

The DD Form 2807-2 is the Army’s standardized form for reporting medical history. This form can be printed out or filled out digitally. This document is a requisite part of any aspiring soldier’s training and evaluation. It allows the examining physician to obtain a full medical history of the individual. The report must be completed within the DOD’s Instruction protocol.

The DD Form 2807-2 has several parts. First, there is the aforementioned medical history report, as well as a form for the more specialized, but still enlightening, DD Form 2781. The other major component of this document is the aforementioned pre-screening report. This is the one that most recruits are familiar with. This is where the applicant gets to see his or her full medical history and retrieves any missing documentation. The DD Form 2807-2 can be accessed by anyone with a military email address and a computer with internet access.

The aforementioned pre-screening report, as well as the DD Form 2807-2, are required to complete the medical evaluation process. In addition, there are other forms related to the process, which you can learn about through the Army’s online portal. The DD Form 2807-2 is a great way to ensure that an applicant discloses any disqualifying medical conditions to the examining physician.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2807-2?

When you need to fill out a military application, one of the most important documents you need is the DD Form 2807-2. This form serves as a medical history report for the Army. It includes information on the past and current health of the applicant. The examiner will use it to ensure that the applicant has disclosed any conditions that might disqualify him or her from being a member of the military.

The 2807-2 is available online. You can also find the form in PDF format. You can also create an account for free to upload your documents into the cloud. You can then use a secure password to protect your documents. You can then edit and add text, and images, or even highlight important areas.

Before you fill out the form, you will need to have all of your medical documents at hand. You may also need to submit additional documentation, such as a doctor’s letter. If you have positive responses to some questions on the form, you will need to provide a full explanation.

After you have submitted the form, the military will process your request. You may be required to take a physical exam. Your physical will either pass or fail. If it fails, you will be temporarily disqualified. If you do not pass, you will be permanently disqualified.

DD Form 2807-2 – Accessions Medical History Report

DD Form 2807-2 is a medical prescreening of a medical history report. The DD Form 2807-2 is a digital form which can be sent via email or uploaded to a cloud storage facility. The DD 2807-2 is a part of a series of forms which are used for disclosing medical information. The DD form 2807-2 is a part of ensuring that applicants have the right credentials to meet the medical standards set by the United States Defense Department.

The DD Form 2807-2 is largely automated. A recruit will need to retrieve all of his or her medical documentation. In the event a military examining physician needs to consult with the doctor, he or she will have to use the DD Form 2807-2 to ensure the doctor has access to all of the necessary medical records. In the event support documentation is needed, the DD form 2807-2 must be submitted a minimum of two days in advance. The most important part of this form is ensuring that all the important details are included in the DD Form 2807-2. This includes the most accurate sex, age, and medical details. If the above-mentioned DD form 2807-2 is not completed correctly, a slew of problems may arise.

DD Form 2807-2 Example

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