DD Form 2813 – Department of Defense Active Duty/Reserve/Guard/Civilian Forces Dental Examination

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2813 – Department of Defense Active Duty/Reserve/Guard/Civilian Forces Dental Examination – A DD Form 2813 is a Department of Defense Active Duty/Rendition form. This form contains information on the amount of money that a military member is entitled to. It is important to complete the form correctly to get the maximum amount of money back. If you don’t, you may have to pay a fine or a penalty.

Download DD Form 2813 – Department of Defense Active Duty/Reserve/Guard/Civilian Forces Dental Examination

Form Number DD Form 2813 –
Form Title Department of Defense Active Duty/Reserve/Guard/Civilian Forces Dental Examination
Edition Date 11/3/2021
File Size 53 KB

What is a DD Form 2813?

The Department of Defense (DOD) has a lot of policies that affect businesses and individuals. One of them is tracking the dental health status of soldiers. In order to meet this oh-so-important stipulation, the military requires a DD Form 2813. This document is a short and sweet summary of a variety of pertinent information. In future blog posts, we’ll explore more specific sections of the form.

Taking the time to fill out the form formally will save you hours of back and forth in the office. You can also print it out and keep it on hand. The most important thing to remember is that the dd 2813 must be filled out within six months of the date of the examination.

As mentioned earlier, the DD form 2813 is the official name for the Department of Defense Reserve Forces Dental Examination, also known as OMB Control Number 0720-0022. This document is a must for active duty and reserve members. It is a vital step in gaining access to classified information. The dd 2813 is also the best way to keep track of the equipment and resources you own. The dd 2813 also demonstrates how a civilian dentist can provide useful information to a military organization.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2813?

If you are a military personnel requiring a dental assessment, you are in luck. In the US, the Department of Defense has a program that provides a free oral health evaluation to both Active Duty and Reserve Force members. The resulting reports are used to determine the suitability of each individual for extended service away from the dentist’s chair. Depending on the type of service required, the evaluation may include a number of tests and exams. A DD Form 2813 is a required part of the process.

The DD Form 2813 entails the use of a standardized form that can be completed online and then sent off to a servicing Military Treatment Facility (MTF) for processing. However, the form is not complete without the participation of the patient. The Army has contracted with Logistics Health Incorporated to provide the examination.

For Active Duty and Reserve Forces members, dental evaluation is a required part of a well-rounded health regimen. Several programs exist to ensure the oral health of our men and women in uniform, including the Texas Medical Readiness Detachment, which is the state’s official coordinating agency for health and medical readiness. The detachment operates four Soldier Medical Readiness Centers (SMRCs) across the state. The SMRCs is staffed by medical professionals that provide a variety of services for members of the military. The SMRCs are open during drill weekends and are available by appointment.

DD Form 2813 – Department of Defense Active Duty/Reserve/Guard/Civilian Forces Dental Examination

The Department of Defense requires all Active Duty and Reserve members to have a dental exam. The examination is completed annually and helps military physicians determine whether a soldier is healthy enough for extended service away from dental help. In order to receive this type of examination, a soldier must fill out a DD Form 2813.

A form is a standard form that can be printed out on legal-size paper. Once filled out, a patient must bring the form with them to their dental examination. The dentist will sign the document after the exam. The information on the document includes the dentist’s contact information and the name and license number of the dentist.

A DD Form 2813 is also used to document the results of a civilian dental examination. The form has four readiness classes. It should be filled out by the dentist who conducts the examination. The form is also available in six different formats.

The Department of Defense can also request a copy of a veteran’s DD-214. This document identifies the veteran’s discharge condition, and the Department of Defense will issue the form to each veteran. Alternatively, a member of the military can authorize another individual to file a claim for benefits.

To find a list of forms, the Department of the Army has an online search engine. It also has a catalog of forms organized by major commands. You can search the list by category, such as aircraft, or you can download forms in various formats.

DD Form 2813 Example

DD Form 2813

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