DD Form 2863 – National Call to Service (NCS), Election of Options

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2863 – National Call to Service (NCS), Election of Options – The National Call to Service (NCS) program is an initiative created by the United States Department of Defense to encourage young Americans to join the military and serve their country. DD Form 2863, also known as the NCS Election of Options form, is a critical piece of paperwork that prospective military members must complete before enlisting.

This document outlines the various options available to those who choose to participate in the NCS program. The choices include serving on active duty for two years followed by inactive reserve duty for six years, serving in the reserves for eight years or more, or a combination of both active and reserve duty.

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Form Number DD Form 2863
Form Title National Call to Service (NCS), Election of Options
Edition Date 4/1/2006
File Size 2 MB

What is a DD Form 2863?

The DD Form 2863 is a document used by the United States military to record an individual’s election of options for a National Call to Service (NCS). This form allows individuals to choose between serving in the active duty military, reserves, or national guard. The NCS program was created as a way to encourage young adults to consider serving their country while also receiving educational benefits.

The DD Form 2863 requires individuals to provide personal information such as their name, Social Security number, and contact information. It also asks for details about their education and training history, which helps determine eligibility for certain programs within the NCS program. Additionally, the form requires individuals to make a choice between three different service options: active duty military service, reserve component service, or national Guard service.

Once completed, the DD Form 2863 is reviewed by military officials who will determine an individual’s eligibility and placement within the NCS program. This form is a crucial step in beginning a career of service in the U.S. Military and can be found on the Department of Defense website or through local recruitment offices.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2863?

DD Form 2863 is a National Call to Service (NCS) form that provides information about the election of options for individuals who have completed at least one period of service and are eligible to participate in the NCS program. This form is used by members of the military who wish to continue their service under different options, such as active duty, reserve duty, or inactive status.

To obtain this form, individuals can visit their local installation personnel office or Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). The form may also be available online from various sources but must be downloaded and printed before completion. Additionally, veterans can request a copy of DD Form 2863 from the National Archives.

It is important to ensure that all information on the form is accurate and complete before submitting it. Any errors or omissions could result in delays or problems with future benefits. It is recommended that individuals seek assistance from a personnel specialist if they have any questions about completing the NCS election options on DD Form 2863.

DD Form 2863 – National Call to Service (NCS), Election of Options

DD Form 2863 is the official document used by the United States Department of Defense to record a National Call to Service (NCS) enlistment. NCS is a program that allows individuals who have completed their initial active duty obligation to serve in the Selected Reserve, Individual Ready Reserve, or Inactive National Guard. The form is a legal contract between the service member and the military.

The DD Form 2863 includes information on the election of options available to service members under NCS, such as serving in the military full-time for two years or part-time for six years. It also outlines benefits and obligations associated with each option, including education benefits and pay structures. The form must be signed by both the service member and a representative from their recruiting office.

Overall, DD Form 2863 plays an essential role in administering NCS programs and ensuring that service members understand their rights and responsibilities when enlisting under this program. By signing this document, they are making a commitment to serve their country while enjoying unique opportunities for personal growth and professional development.

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