DD Form 2873-1 – Cancellation of Military Protection Order (MPO)

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2873-1 – Cancellation of Military Protection Order (MPO) – Cancellation of Military Protection Orders (MPOs) is a court-martial offense. Soldiers who knowingly cancel an MPO or fail to appear for a court-martial hearing may be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal from the military.

Download DD Form 2873-1 – Cancellation of Military Protection Order (MPO)

Form Number DD Form 2873-1
Form Title Cancellation of Military Protection Order (MPO)
Edition Date 1/1/2020
File Size 49 KB

What is a DD Form 2873-1?

The DD Form 2873-1 is a crucial document in the military justice system that relates to Military Protection Orders (MPOs). This form is used when it becomes necessary to cancel an MPO issued against someone in the military. The form contains essential details such as the name and rank of the person against whom the MPO was issued, along with information on why it was canceled.

Once completed, the DD Form 2873-1 must be signed by an authorized officer within their chain of command. They must ensure that they have reviewed all relevant information and determined that there are no potential risks posed by canceling the MPO. If any threats or concerns remain, further action may be taken by issuing another order for protection.

In conclusion, understanding how to complete and process a DD Form 2873-1 is critical for those involved in military law enforcement. By following proper procedures and ensuring all necessary details are recorded accurately on this form, officers can help maintain safety and security within their units while protecting individual rights.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2873-1?

If you’re looking to find a DD Form 2873-1, which is used for the cancellation of a military protection order (MPO), there are several places where you can obtain it. The easiest way is to visit the official Defense Link website and download the form from there. You can also visit your local base legal office to request a copy of the form. Additionally, many military installations have online resources available that allow you to access and print out the form.

It’s important to note that before filling out this form, you must have an existing MPO in place that needs to be canceled. If you don’t have one already, refer to your unit’s SARC or victim advocate for assistance in obtaining one. Once completed, make sure that all necessary signatures are obtained before submitting it back to your unit’s legal office.

In conclusion, if you’re ever in need of canceling a military protection order and require a DD Form 2873-1 for this process – rest assured knowing that there are multiple avenues at your disposal for acquiring it. Keep in mind though that this is only one part of a larger process when dealing with matters related to domestic violence or abuse within the military community – always prioritize safety first and seek help if needed through proper channels such as family advocacy programs or counseling services offered by qualified professionals on-base/off-base or through Military OneSource resources available online 24/7.

DD Form 2873-1 – Cancellation of Military Protection Order (MPO)

A Military Protection Order (MPO) is a legal order that restricts an individual’s behavior or contact with another person. These orders are issued by military commanders to protect servicemembers and their families from domestic violence, stalking, or other forms of abuse. However, there may be certain situations where the MPO needs to be canceled.

To cancel an MPO, the military member must fill out DD Form 2873-1 (Cancellation of Military Protection Order). This form requests information such as the reason for cancellation, identification of parties involved in the original MPO order, and a statement acknowledging that the original protection order will no longer be in effect after cancellation.

It is important to note that canceling an MPO does not necessarily mean that the situation between the individuals involved has been resolved. If there are ongoing concerns for safety or security, it may be necessary to seek additional support or resources from military law enforcement or other appropriate channels.

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