DD Form 2947-3 – TRICARE Young Adult Application (OVERSEAS)

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 2947-3 – TRICARE Young Adult Application (OVERSEAS) – The DD Form 2947-3, also known as the TRICARE Young Adult Application (OVERSEAS), is an important document that allows eligible young adults to receive medical coverage under the TRICARE Overseas Program. This form is required for those who wish to apply for health care coverage from the Department of Defense (DoD). Submitting a completed and signed DD Form 2947-3 is the first step in enrolling in the program and receiving benefits.

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Form Number DD Form 2947-3
Form Title TRICARE Young Adult Application (OVERSEAS)
Edition Date 1/11/2023
File Size 149 KB

What is a DD Form 2947-3?

For military families living abroad, accessing healthcare can be a challenge. However, the TRICARE Young Adult program helps to make healthcare more accessible by offering coverage to unmarried dependents between the ages of 21-26 years old. To enroll in this program, eligible individuals must fill out a DD Form 2947-3 – TRICARE Young Adult Application (OVERSEAS).

The DD Form 2947-3 is specifically designed for military dependents who are residing outside of the United States and its territories. This form requires applicants to provide personal information such as their name, Social Security number, and date of birth. Additionally, applicants need to indicate which TRICARE plan they wish to enroll in and provide payment information.

Once completed, the DD Form 2947-3 can be submitted online or by mail to the appropriate TRICARE office. It is important for military families living overseas to take advantage of this program as it offers an affordable option for healthcare coverage for their young adult dependents. With the help of the DD Form 2947-3, eligible individuals can access necessary medical care without worrying about high costs or limited options.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2947-3?

If you’re a young adult who is living overseas and looking for TRICARE medical coverage, then you might need to fill out DD Form 2947-3. This form is used specifically for TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) program applicants who are living outside of the United States. You can find a copy of this form on the TRICARE website or by contacting your local military installation’s health benefits advisor.

It’s important to note that TYA is only available to eligible dependents of active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve members, and retirees. Additionally, TYA coverage for those overseas is limited to certain countries where TRICARE has authorized providers. Before filling out DD Form 2947-3, be sure to check with your local military healthcare provider or the TRICARE website to confirm that you are eligible for this coverage.

Once you have completed DD Form 2947-3 and submitted it according to the instructions provided on the form, your application will be processed by the Defense Health Agency (DHA). If approved, you’ll receive confirmation of your enrollment in TYA and information about how to access your benefits while living overseas.

DD Form 2947-3 – TRICARE Young Adult Application (OVERSEAS)

The DD Form 2947-3 is a TRICARE Young Adult Application specifically designed for those living overseas. The application form allows young adults to enroll in the TRICARE Young Adult program, which provides comprehensive medical coverage to dependents of military personnel who have aged out of their parent’s healthcare plan.

To be eligible for the program, young adults must meet certain age criteria and be unmarried. Additionally, they need to reside in an overseas location where TRICARE is available, such as Europe or Asia-Pacific. This form also requires that applicants provide proof of their eligibility through documentation, such as a birth certificate or passport.

Once approved, enrollees will receive access to comprehensive medical coverage including preventive care services, hospitalizations, and emergency care. They can also choose between two different plans: Select and Prime. Under Select, patients are allowed more flexibility with providers while under Prime they are assigned a primary care manager.

Overall, the DD Form 2947-3 is an important tool for young adults living overseas who want to ensure they have access to quality healthcare services while studying or working abroad.

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