DD Form 2975 – Temporary Food Event Coordinator’s Application

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2975 – Temporary Food Event Coordinator’s Application – If you are planning to host a temporary food event, it is important to ensure that the food being served is safe for consumption. The DD Form 2975, also known as the Temporary Food Event Coordinator’s Application, is a crucial document that must be completed by those who plan to organize such events.

This form provides valuable information about the event and helps ensure that all food being served meets safety standards set by the Department of Defense (DoD). In this article, we will provide an overview of what the DD Form 2975 entails and why it is important for anyone planning a temporary food event in DoD facilities to complete this form.

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Form Number DD Form 2975
Form Title Temporary Food Event Coordinator’s Application
Edition Date 11/1/2013
File Size 40 KB

What is a DD Form 2975?

The DD Form 2975 is a necessary document for individuals who plan to coordinate temporary food events on military installations. This form serves as an application that details the planned food event, including the location, date, and time of the event, as well as the type of food to be served. The coordinator must also provide information about their qualifications and experience in managing such events.

In addition to providing basic information about the event and coordinator, the DD Form 2975 requires a detailed menu plan for all food items to be served. This includes specific ingredients used in each dish and any potential allergens or dietary restrictions that attendees should be aware of. The form also requires proof of liability insurance coverage for the coordinator or organization sponsoring the event.

Overall, completing a DD Form 2975 is crucial for ensuring safe and successful temporary food events on military installations. By gathering important details about both the event and its coordinator, this form helps ensure compliance with regulations designed to protect both consumers and military personnel from potential health hazards associated with improperly prepared or served food.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2975?

DD Form 2975 is a temporary food event coordinator’s application form, which is used by the military community to organize and manage food events. This form is critical in ensuring that all food-related activities are conducted safely and efficiently, adhering to military standards and regulations.

You can find DD Form 2975 on various online resources such as official military websites or through a simple Google search. Additionally, you can obtain this form from your unit’s supply office or local base installation support services center.

It’s important to note that when filling out this form, ensure that it’s done correctly and accurately. Any errors or omissions could result in the denial of approval for your food event or even worse, putting individuals’ health at risk. Therefore, take time to read through the instructions carefully before completing the application process.

DD Form 2975 – Temporary Food Event Coordinator’s Application

The DD Form 2975 is a critical document for Temporary Food Event Coordinators. This application is used to apply for authorization to operate temporary food service facilities on military installations. The form requires the applicant to provide detailed information about the event, including the location of the event, the type of food being served, and the duration of the event.

One important aspect that applicants must address in their application is how they plan to maintain food safety during the event. The form asks about plans for maintaining safe temperatures for food storage and whether there will be any handwashing stations available. Applicants must also provide proof that they have completed a Food Protection Manager course or have equivalent certification.

Overall, completing and submitting a DD Form 2975 is an essential step in ensuring that temporary food events on military installations are conducted safely and with proper oversight. It helps to guarantee that all necessary precautions are taken while serving food to our military personnel and their families.

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