DD Form 3044 – Pre-Embarkation Certificate of Disinsection

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 3044 – Pre-Embarkation Certificate of Disinsection – If you are in the military and have received this form, you may be wondering what it is. This article will help you understand the form and what it entails.

This document is used by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to provide information to military members and their families about the benefits available to them.

DD Form 3044 – Pre-Embarkation Certificate of Disinsection that must be completed by all military personnel before they can embark on a military flight. It is used to notify the Department of Defense (DoD) of any discrepancies or misrepresentations that a person may have on their record. Using our free DoD Form editor, you can edit this form online with your computer and get a final product that meets all of the DoD’s standards.

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Form Number DD Form 3044
Form Title Pre-Embarkation Certificate of Disinsection
Edition Date 6/20/2019
File Size 54 KB

The Department of Defense provides a Pre-Embarkation Certificate of Disinsection in the form of DD Form 3044. This document is an essential tool that must be filled out and signed by authorized personnel prior to embarkation on any vessel carrying military personnel or cargo. The purpose of this form is to certify that necessary steps have been taken to protect individuals and goods from infestation with insects and other pests.

What is a DD Form 3044?

A DD Form 3044 is a United States Department of Defense document that certifies that certain vessels or conveyances have been adequately disinfected. DD Form 3044 — also known as the Pre-Embarkation Certificate of Disinsection — must be signed by a medical inspector before any vessel can embark on a journey. This form is used to certify that a vessel has been treated with an insecticide approved by the US Army Public Health Command in order to avoid the spread of disease.

The DD Form 3044 includes information such as the type and quantity of insecticides used, when they were applied, and other pertinent details regarding their use. In addition, it lists all personnel who were present during the treatment process and verifies that each person was informed about any health risks associated with exposure to insecticides.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 3044?

DD Form 3044 is a Pre-Embarkation Certificate of Disinsection form issued by the U.S. Department of Defense that confirms the status of vessels and military personnel prepared for overseas deployment. It certifies that all applicable requirements have been met in regard to insecticide disinsection and other pest control measures. The DD Form 3044 must be completed prior to shipment and signed off by authorized personnel before any overseas deployment can take place.

So, where can you find a DD Form 3044? This form is available through various government websites such as the United States Coast Guard’s website, under “Publications & Forms”. It can also be found on websites hosted by the Military Personnel Office at various military installations, or it may be requested directly from their offices.

DD Form 3044 – Pre-Embarkation Certificate of Disinsection

DD Form 3044, the Pre-Embarkation Certificate of Disinsection, is a form issued by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to certify that vessels and aircraft have been properly disinfected prior to their embarkation. The form is a requirement of all flights and vessels entering U.S. ports or crossing into U.S. airspace from abroad for military purposes. It serves as a certification that any passenger, cargo, or animal carried on board has been properly treated against contamination by insects or other pests, which could potentially cause damage to property or harm personnel.

The DD Form 3044 must be completed in triplicate and signed by both the commanding officer of the vessel or aircraft and an authorized representative from the DoD agency responsible for verifying compliance with disinsection regulations before entering into U.

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