DD Form 3059 – Military Working Dog Handler Certificate of Commendation

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 3059 – Military Working Dog Handler Certificate of Commendation – MAC YOUNG WAS A REGIONAL KENNEL MASTER, NAVY REGION SOUTHEAST FROM FEBRUARY 2008 TO AUGUST 2012. He was responsible for 51 Military Working Dog Handler teams on 11 installations.

His superior technical expertise was unmatched. During his tenure, he coordinated over 100 SECRET SERVICE EXPLOSIVE DETECTION MISSIONS. He was a top-performing team leader with an exceptional track record.

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Form Number DD Form 3059
Form Title Military Working Dog Handler Certificate of Commendation
Edition Date 2/23/2019
File Size 1 MB

What is a DD Form 3059?

The DD Form 3059, or Military Working Dog Handler Certification, is a Department of Defense (DoD) form used to request authorization from the Secretary of Defense for a military working dog handler. The DD Form 3059 is required by DoD regulations for all military working dogs that are trained and certified to perform military duties. This form is adopted and available through the DoD Information Sharing and Analysis Agency (DISA), which works with Washington Headquarters Services and the Office of Management and Budget to update the DD Form 2875, an adoptable form that can be used by departments across the DoD to request system authorization and access requests.

DD Form 3059 – Military Working Dog Handler Certificate of Commendation

Dog handlers in the Army are responsible for caring for their K-9 companions, training them to perform specific duties, and participating in missions. This career is a great choice for those who love working with animals and want to help support military missions.

To become a military working dog handler, you must complete basic training and pass a physical fitness test. You will also need to score at least 91 percent on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.

After you complete your military training, you will then receive a certificate that shows that you are certified to work with dogs in the U.S. You can then apply to a specialized branch within the Army and begin your career.

During your career, you will perform specialized duties in law enforcement, physical security, anti-terrorism operations, explosive detection, and/or illicit drug interdiction, utilizing an assigned military working dog. Some of the most common types of duties are patrol, bomb detection, and search and rescue.

In addition to basic training, a military working dog handler must undergo a variety of other training classes and certifications.

DD Form 3059 Example

DD Form 3059

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