DD Form 3076-4 – Military Working Dog (MWD) Disposition Checklist

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 3076-4 – Military Working Dog (MWD) Disposition Checklist – Military Working Dogs (MWDs) are an invaluable asset in the military, providing support and protection for personnel both at home and abroad. Proper care of MWDs is essential to maintain their physical and mental health, as well as safety. DD Form 3076-4, the Military Working Dog Disposition Checklist, provides a comprehensive overview of the steps necessary to ensure a safe and successful disposition process.

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Form Number DD Form 3076-4
Form Title Military Working Dog (MWD) Disposition Checklist
Edition Date 10/9/2019
File Size 19 KB

What is a DD Form 3076-4?

DD Form 3076-4 is an important document used by the United States military, specifically in regard to Military Working Dogs (MWDs). The form is used to ensure that every MWD is treated humanely and that all applicable laws and regulations are followed. It also serves as a record of the disposition of each MWD.

The form contains several sections which need to be filled out completely and accurately by anyone disposing of an MWD. This includes details about the dog’s condition upon release, such as any medical issues or injuries, if it has been vaccinated, and if it is suitable for adoption or transfer to another agency for continued use. The form also provides space for comments about the dog’s general health and temperament so that potential adopters have a better understanding of their new pet before taking them home.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 3076-4?

Are you looking for a DD Form 3076-4 Military Working Dog (MWD) Disposition Checklist? This is an important form that must be completed when transferring ownership of an MWD. It is necessary to ensure proper documentation and accountability of the animal’s caretaking while under U.S. government jurisdiction. The DD Form 3076-4 checklist provides instructions and helps guide military personnel through the process of transferring ownership of an MWD from one person or organization to another.

The DD Form 3076-4 can be found on the Department of Defense website or at your local military installation office. Some military installations also offer assistance in completing the form, so it is best to contact your local base office for more information about availability and assistance with filling out the form.

DD Form 3076-4 – Military Working Dog (MWD) Disposition Checklist

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) has created a special form that must be used when disposing of military working dogs (MWDs). The DD Form 3076-4, or Military Working Dog Disposition Checklist, is an important document that must be completed and filed to ensure the proper handling and care of retired MWDs.

The form includes several sections for recording information about the dog’s medical history, such as any vaccinations or medications taken during its time in service. It also requires documentation on the MWD’s disposition upon retirement, including whether it was adopted by its former handler or assigned to another unit for continued service. Additionally, the form outlines requirements for providing medical and behavioral evaluations prior to transfer or adoption. Finally, it includes a section dedicated to obtaining consent from all relevant parties regarding decisions surrounding the dog’s future.

DD Form 3076-4 Example

DD Form 3076-4

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