DD Form 365-2 – Form B – Aircraft Weighing Record

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 365-2 – Form B – Aircraft Weighing Record – A DD Form 365-2 is used for storing an aircraft weight record. This form contains the information needed by a flight crew and can be found in the Aircraft Weighing Records section of the DD Forms database. The Form B portion of the DD Form 365-2 lists the specific weight of the aircraft.

Download DD Form 365-2 – Form B – Aircraft Weighing Record

Form Number DD Form 365-2
Form Title Form B – Aircraft Weighing Record
Edition Date 8/1/1996
File Size 129 KB

What is a DD Form 365-2?

A DD Form 365-2 is a form used to keep track of your aircraft’s weight and balance. It is a supplemental to a DD Form 365-1 which is the basic record for your aircraft’s weight and balance. While the latter is a more comprehensive document, a DD Form 365-2 is an adequate substitute.

One of the most important reasons to have a DD Form 365-2 is to meet the requirement to maintain accurate weight and balance for an aircraft. For instance, when you change the weight of your aircraft, you must update your DD Form 365-1. However, you must also ensure that the resulting change is accurately recorded on your DD Form 365-2.

The other reason you may want to consider using a DD Form 365-2 is if you have a specific type of equipment to be installed in the aircraft compartment. This type of equipment includes graphs, charts, and loading data. You can create this kind of document in a flash, thanks to the US Legal Forms platform.

A DD Form 365-3 is a chart C type of document that provides some interesting tidbits about your aircraft. For example, it contains a summary of the information contained in the aircraft logbook, as well as the INDEX to the corresponding chart in the aircraft’s flight planning area.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 365-2?

One of the more interesting forms to come out of the Department of Defense is the DD Form 365-2, or aircraft weighing record. This is a basic weight checklist record for a specific aircraft. In addition, there are also a few DD Forms 365-4 which may be used to satisfy this requirement.

The DD Form 365 a massive d is an essential part of your aircraft’s maintenance schedule. This form contains pertinent information about your aircraft’s weight and balance. It also includes the aircraft’s serial number and designation. If you have any questions about this document, you can contact your aircraft’s service center.

A few other documents are available as well, including the DA Pam 750-10, which is a US Army equipment index of modification work orders. Also, the DA Form 1352 is an Army aircraft status record. Finally, the DD Form 314 is a preventive maintenance schedule. These are all forms that are worth your time. They are not only informative, they also are a reminder of your military service.

When it comes to dd form 365-2, the best choice for you may be the cloud-based solution. With this online platform, you can create custom templates to suit your specific requirements, upload documents from your PC or mobile device, and print ready-made documents.

DD Form 365-2 – Form B – Aircraft Weighing Record

When a change to an aircraft is required, the weight and balance of the aircraft is weighed. The weighing of the aircraft is recorded on the DD Form 365-2 Aircraft Weighing Record. This form is used for permanent, temporary, and emergency modifications.

The DD Form 365 series is a collection of manual and electronic data sheets that describe weight and balance requirements for aircraft. In addition, electronic weight and balance handbooks may be authorized by appropriate governing authorities. These forms can be used to compute the aircraft’s center-of-gravity (CG), aircraft moment, and aircraft weight.

Before a change to an aircraft is completed, the appropriate weight and balance personnel are trained to record the data. In addition, these individuals are responsible for making future changes to the weight and balance charts.

Each weight and balance manual contains an inventory list of equipment installed in the aircraft. Items that are not listed on the chart are not included in the Basic Weight. However, the items may be included in the basic weight equipment.

The manufacturer inserts a serial number and a model designation into COLUMN II of Form B. The manufacturer also enters the basic weight of the aircraft on Chart C. It must match the configuration of the aircraft.

DD Form 365-2 Example

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