DD Form 375-2 – Delay in Delivery

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 375-2 – Delay in Delivery – It is not uncommon for product delivery to be delayed, whether due to production issues, transportation problems, or other unforeseen circumstances. For businesses dealing with the US government, a delay in delivery may require the submission of a DD Form 375-2 in order to be granted an extension. This article will provide an overview of what DD Form 375-2 is and how it should be used. Additionally, it will discuss some of the important deadlines and regulations associated with using this form.

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Form Number DD Form 375-2
Form Title Delay in Delivery
Edition Date 5/1/1989
File Size 304 KB

What is a DD Form 375-2?

DD Form 375-2 is a form issued by the United States Department of Defense that is used to document and report delays in the delivery of goods or services. The DD Form 375-2 should be completed whenever there is a delay in delivering goods or services, as it allows for an investigation into the cause(s) of such delays. It also serves as a reporting tool for tracking trends and issues related to late deliveries, which can help to inform decisions about contractors, goods and services procurement policies, and other relevant topics. The DD Form 375-2 must be filled out by the contractor who experienced the delay in order to provide essential information such as what was delayed when it was supposed to be delivered, why it was delayed, and when it was finally delivered. This form should be signed by both parties involved – the contractor and the contracting officer – before being submitted to ensure accuracy.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 375-2?

If you are looking for a DD Form 375-2, the first place to look is the official U.S. Department of Defense website. This form, also known as the Delay in Delivery Certificate, is used to certify when goods and services were not delivered on time by a contractor or vendor to the government due to unforeseen circumstances or delays beyond its control. It is important that contractors and vendors complete this form accurately and submit it in order for them to be reimbursed for any costs incurred due to such delays. The DD Form 375-2 can be easily accessed through the website, which provides detailed instructions on how it should be filled out properly and submitted accordingly. In addition, there are numerous websites offering free downloadable versions of this form so that you can have access at your fingertips whenever needed.

DD Form 375-2 – Delay in Delivery

DD Form 375-2, Delay in Delivery is an important tool for tracking and managing supply chain performance issues. It is used by Department of Defense personnel to document when a contractor fails to deliver goods or services on time. The form serves as proof that the contractor was notified of the delay, providing a foundation for corrective action when necessary.

The form enables defense personnel to track delays from contractors throughout all stages of the supply chain. This includes delivery timeline exceptions, such as failed inspections or late shipments due to inclement weather. DD Form 375-2 also helps ensure accountability by requiring specific details about the delay be described in full detail, including a description of any mitigating factors taken into consideration by the contractor. When completed properly, this form can provide valuable insight into supply chain performance and help identify existing issues that may be causing delays in delivery.

DD Form 375-2 Example

DD Form 375-2

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