DD Form 416 – Purchase Request For Coal, Coke, or Briquettes

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 416 – Purchase Request For Coal, Coke, or Briquettes – The DD Form 416 is a purchase request form for coal. The form is primarily used by coal companies to acquire their desired amount of coal. This is a vital document that is crucial for a business owner who is trying to buy coal for their needs. It is also very important to fill out this form correctly so that your purchase is handled properly.

Download DD Form 416 – Purchase Request For Coal, Coke, or Briquettes

Form Number DD Form 416
Form Title Purchase Request For Coal, Coke, or Briquettes
Edition Date 12/1/2008
File Size 92 KB

What is a DD Form 416?

A DD Form 416 is a requisition form for a briquette or coal. It is a DoD document that is commonly used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to request fuel. This type of military purchase request is a standardized method of procuring products and services for DoD units.

The requisition is also referred to as a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request or MIPR. A military purchase request is one of several ways the DoD may procure goods and services for its units. For example, a MIPR can be used for awards to DoD intramural agencies. Other ways include direct fund transfers, funding authorization documents, and support agreements. However, the most important military purchase request is the bulk fuel receipt. When a unit receives fuel from a supplier, it must complete the following steps:

Although the DA Form 2064 was designed to be a standardized data file, it may be submitted in any format that is approved by the DoD. For example, an electronic data file should be sent in the XML format designated by the DoD. If a department receives the bulk fuel receipt, it can then post it to the property book or its DA Form 3328.

DD Form 416 – Purchase Request For Coal, Coke, or Briquettes

There are certain requirements that you must meet in order to acquire coal from the Bureau of Mines. This includes having full justification for your request, arranging for payment with the contractor, and sending your electronic data file in the Department of Defense Purchase Request Data Standard XML format. In addition, you must provide a copy of each sample that you ship to the Bureau of Mines.

The Bureau of Mines will be able to provide you with a copy of the results of each test that you perform. These copies are then sent to the offices that are responsible for comparing the test results against the analytical limits that are guaranteed by the contractor. Moreover, the Bureau of Mines will charge you a fee per sample. You must provide full billing instructions at the time you submit your sample. If you have any questions, you can contact the Bureau of Mines at 4800 Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213. Alternatively, you can call the Bureau of Mines at 888-899-6456.

When you send your DD Form 416 to the Bureau of Mines, you can expect to receive the results of your test within approximately two weeks. In addition to receiving the results of your test, you can also receive copies of the results of other tests that you may have performed.

DD Form 416 Example

DD Form 416

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