DD Form 448 – Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 448 – Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request – A DD Form 448 is an interdepartmental purchase form that is used for military purposes. The purpose of this form is to allow military members to buy items, such as books or computer software, that are not available at their base.

Download DD Form 448 – Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request

Form Number DD Form 448
Form Title Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request
Edition Date 6/1/1972
File Size 59 KB

What is a DD Form 448?

A DD Form 448 is the standard format used to create Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests. It provides funding information, as well as a description of goods and services that are required. This form is generally sent by a requesting agency to an assisting agency. The assisting agency receives the DD-448 as an email attachment.

Although the DD Form 448 is the primary vehicle for funding customer requirements, it is not the only option. An alternative is the DD-448-2 form. This type of MIPR has generated automatically if the requisition is approved. If the requisition is approved, the form can be saved to a system or retrieved later.

To get the most out of the DD Form 448, make sure you have all the pertinent information. In addition, you should ensure you include a reimbursable agreement number. This will flow down to the award. For the reimbursable agreement, you’ll need the Federal Supply Classification, which is a set of codes for federal government operations.

Similarly, you should know about DD Form 1547, which is the required form for annual requirements that exceed a certain pricing threshold. You should also fill in the report number. Depending on the type of requirements being submitted, there are various actions you can take.

However, you should not confuse DD Form 448 with DD Form 1547. While the former is generally the first option on a DD Form 448, the latter is generally the last option DD Form 448.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 448?

A DD Form 448 is a fancy way to say you are requesting goods and services from another department or agency. The requisition can be sent as a fax or by email to the recipient. In some cases, it may be the only method of receiving a desired product or service.

If the recipient requires more than one item or a variety of items, a more detailed requisition can be crafted. This is an effective means of reducing cost, time, and frustration for all parties. It is important to ensure that all necessary information is included in the DD Form 448, including the appropriate funding category and the basic procurement instrument identification number.

Despite its name, the DD-448 is not actually the only form used for the same purpose. There are several other forms to choose from, such as the DD Form 1547 and the DD Form 1546. However, the DD-448 remains the primary vehicle used for funding customer requirements. You can find out more about this form by visiting the Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector website.

The dd-448 is not the only form you can use to request goods and services from other departments and agencies. For example, if your department is requesting goods and services from another department, you can use the Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request.

DD Form 448 – Military Interdepartmental Purchase

A Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) is used by one organization to request goods from another. The request is generated using a DD-448 form. This form can be created and submitted via email or FAX.

Once a MIPR is created, T-ASA will review it and approve it. T-ASA will then establish the project in the Project Tracking Database. After this, the T-ASA Contracting Office will prepare the MIPR Acceptance (DD448-2).

To create a requisition, the requesting agency enters the following information: Federal Supply Classification (FSC), reimbursable agreement number, and the basic procurement instrument identification number. If the ACRN is system-generated, the Split Cost Allocation icon will display.

When a requisition is approved, the signature block displays as Signed. If the requisition is denied, the signature block will show as Unsigned. In a situation where a requisition is rejected, the DD-448-2 will be sent to the requesting agency. It can also be stored in the system.

When the DD-448-2 is sent, a confirmation message and an error message will appear. On this page, you will also see details of the assisting agency and sender. There is a drop-down box for multiple recipients. Lastly, you can click the Update button to view the distribution details.

You can create a requisition for a catalog item, non-catalog item, or shopping cart item. You can also set up a MIPR for catalog items.

DD Form 448 Example

DD Form 448

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