DD Form 493 – Extract of Military Records of Previous Convictions

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 493 – Extract of Military Records of Previous Convictions – If you are searching for a copy of your military record, then you will need to fill out a DD Form 493. This is a document that is an extract of all of the records in your service record and is one of the most important documents in your life. It is a legal document that can help you make some very important decisions, such as what to do if you are being accused of a crime.

Download DD Form 493 – Extract of Military Records of Previous Convictions

Form Number DD Form 493
Form Title Extract of Military Records of Previous Convictions
Edition Date 10/1/1984
File Size 39 KB

What is a DD Form 493?

The DD Form 493 is a form for military personnel. This form is used by the US Army. It is also used by the Navy, Air Force, and Marines. It is available for download in PDF format. These forms are also used by hundreds of other Department of Defense (DoD) organizations.

There are a number of reasons why a military unit may use the DD Form 493. For example, a commander is in a position to make an intelligent disposition of charges against a service member. A commander will have access to the service member’s personal history, including duty stations, assignments, performance ratings, disciplinary actions, and other information. Using this information, the commander will be able to decide whether or not to recommend a sentence or not. Alternatively, the commander may choose to accept the charge as presented.

When a service member has been charged with a minor offense, the command should include an informal summary of the expected evidence. Additionally, the commander should note that the charges are not accompanied by a formal letter of transmittal. In addition, the commander should provide evidence of the service member’s prior court-martial convictions. As mentioned earlier, this information should be sufficient for the commander to make an intelligent decision.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 493?

DD Form 493 is a criminal record form. It is used by the U.S. Army and is available for download in PDF format. The form is based on information gathered from DA Form 20B, which is a military document that contains information relating to a previous court-martial conviction. A person who has previously served in the military and has been convicted of a criminal offense should have this form completed and filed with the service branch to which they are assigned.

In the case of a summary court-martial conviction, the evidence for such a charge should be sufficient to enable the commander receiving the charges to make an intelligent disposition. This means that the charge should include an informal summary of expected evidence and previous nonjudicial punishments. Also, the charges should include evidence of the previous court-martial conviction. When filing this form, the officer should indicate whether the remark, “Previous Conviction Final” is written in the applicable block.

Alternatively, the prosecutor can use two entries in the official record to establish the summary court-martial conviction. These two entries are: the date of the supervisory review and the date the conviction was final. In fact, the conviction was final because the date of the supervisory review was entered in the block labeled “Date Sentence Finally Approved” on the DD Form 493.

Alternatively, a ficer can also enter a remark, “No Good Conduct Medal Was Issued,” in the appropriate block on DD Form 493. In this case, the applicant believes that the absence of a Good Conduct Medal was a clerical error.

DD Form 493 – Extract of Military Records of Previous Convictions

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DD Form 493 Example

DD Form 493

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