DD Form 616 – Report of Return of Absentee

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 616 – Report of Return of Absentee – If you’re wondering what the DD Form 616 is, or where to find it, you’ve come to the right place. This form is a Report of Return of Absence. It’s used to report any absence from work, such as a vacation or family illness. It’s available on the Army website, and you can download it.

Download DD Form 616 – Report of Return of Absentee

Form Number DD Form 616
Form Title Report of Return of Absentee
Edition Date 11/22/2021
File Size 81 KB

What is a DD Form 616?

The Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request, also known as DD Form 448, is the primary document used by the Department of Defense to order goods and services from outside DoD. When a purchase order is made, funds are reserved in the accounting system to pay for the specified requirement. If the requirement is fulfilled, the remaining balance is released from the accounting system.

In addition to being an obligating document, DD Form 448 is a useful tool for monitoring and managing funds. Its Open Document Listing (ODL) is an electronic list of open commitments and accrued expenditures unpaid.

During the execution of a MIPR, the initiator’s name appears in Block 9b of DD Form 448. This individual’s duty status will change from “present for duty” to “AWOL” if he or she is AWOL. However, the MIPR initiator is not responsible for the MIPR. Consequently, the PM must obtain access to the ABSS.

The Requiring Activity PM must ensure that the purchase is in accordance with all DoD regulations. He or she must also use an automated system that interacts with the ABSS.

The Air Force contracting office should be consulted as soon as the necessity for the requirement is identified. They may have specific management and oversight requirements for service contracts.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 616?

A Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request, or MIPR, is a document used by the Department of Defense to order goods and services from other DoD components or from commercial sources. It’s also one of the most important documents the Pentagon uses, although it does not apply to all activities.

In short, the DD Form 448 is a brief description of what you want to buy. The DD Form 448-2, which is obligating, is required by Category I Reimbursable MIPRs. These are special types of purchase orders. Generally, the DD Form 448 is faxed to the assisting agency. Afterward, the agency must accept the MIPR and return the DD Form 448-2 within 30 days of the date of the order.

To find the best DD Form 448, you should consult your Air Force contracting office. They can provide advice and assistance.

The most effective DD Form 448 is accompanied by a performance work statement (PWS), which should be approved by the Services Designated Official (SDO). It should be written in performance-based terms. Among other requirements, it must include the Seller BPN, which is the number of units that are to be supplied.

Other important parts of a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request are its cost, the end date, and the expiration date. The Open Document Listing, or ODL, is a computerized list of open commitments that is a useful tool for monitoring and managing funds.

DD Form 616 – Report of Return of Absentee

As a military officer, you may be asked by your commander to fill out a DD Form 616, Report of Return of Absentee. The form is intended to return a deserter to military control. It will be filed in the Master Personnel Record Group.

This document is an important part of the military record. In addition to reporting the return of an absentee, it contains pertinent personnel information. For example, you will find a CRC number that identifies the deserter’s parent installation.

A blotter entry will be created when a deserter is apprehended. You will also see a reference blotter entry. When a soldier returns to his parent installation, the provost marshal will start the process of changing the deserter’s status to return to military control.

Other pertinent information found on the blotter entry is the DD Form 3975, a form aimed at informing local commanders of a particular citation. There is a good chance that the blotter entry will be forwarded to the local FBI field office, which can then initiate an investigation without the approval of its home office.

On the other hand, there is another DA Form that you may want to know about. The DA Form 2 (Res.) is the logical successor to the DA Form 5. After a soldier leaves the Army, his or her record of service will include three DA Forms 4187, which changed his or her duty status.

DD Form 616 Example

DD Form 616

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