DD Form 788-2 – Private Vehicle Shipping Document for Motorcycle

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 788-2 – Private Vehicle Shipping Document for Motorcycle – If you are shipping a private vehicle to another state, you will need to fill out the DD Form 788-2. This form is used by most private-vehicle transport companies to ship your car. The form will help you to fill out the details of your car and provide you with an estimate of the shipping charges.

Download DD Form 788-2 – PrivateVehicle Shipping Document for Motorcycle

Form Number DD Form 788-2
Form Title Private Vehicle Shipping Document for Motorcycle
Edition Date 9/1/1998
File Size 709 KB

What is a DD Form 788-2?

The DD Form 788-2 is a document that is used to ship privately owned vehicles (POVs). This form is for the transport of automobiles, motorcycles, and vans.

The DD Form 788-2 must be completed and received by the transportation regulatory agency (TRA) if the shipment will cost $20k or more. If not, the IC will take action.

The transportation regulatory agency determines the funding responsibility and transportation priority for shipments. When a member returns from overseas, he must pay the excess costs before he receives travel documents.

The transportation service provider (TSP) is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of shipments. TSP personnel perform a comprehensive inspection of shipments. They are required to use personal protective equipment.

All shipments are inspected and recorded in the Transportation Tracking System (TTL). This system is provided to the IC. Discrepancies in movement should be noted on the DD-788.

Depending on the sensitivity of the material, the items must be categorized and sent to the Transportation Document Reviewer (TDR) for review. Once the review process is completed, the shipment must be released to the Cargo Movement Operations System (CMOS).

There are four primary elements to this process. These are a primary tracking system, an automated system, a carrier, and the IC. Each element has its own regulations and guidelines.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 788-2?

Trying to find a DD Form 788 2 might be more complicated than your average search on a search engine. However, you can rely on the IC to guide you through the process. For starters, the IC has a number of resources available to them. In particular, they have an online database of information and forms for military personnel. A tidbit of advice is to always keep a list of pertinent contact details in one place.

If you are looking to move to another country, you need to gather all the right information. One of the best ways to do that is to read up on what is required to get the job done. This includes a power of attorney, which if you are moving overseas, is a must. Moreover, if you are a member of the military, you are eligible for a free full replacement value (FRV) on your personal property shipments.

Another way to ensure you are on the right track is to do a quick comparison shopping. A good comparison shop will have a large selection of shipping companies and freight forwarders, and will also provide a range of services and prices. Some of these include a full range of transportation, customs, and logistical services. You should also consider transportation protective services.

DD Form 788-2 – Private Vehicle Shipping Document for Motorcycle

The DD Form 788-2 is a worthy ante in the grand scheme of the department of defense’s shipping and supply chain. If you’re a fan of the military, you’ll be glad to know that it’s not just for military personnel. It’s also a useful tool for businesspeople, bureaucrats, and the like looking to get their wares into the right hands.

The form reveals some of the logistics of transporting a flurry of military personnel and their sundries from A to B. The form is a must for any business looking to do business with the DoD. Not only are you likely to encounter a few teething grins along the way, but you’ll also be surprised at just how much your wares are worth. Using the form to your advantage will save you both time and money, not to mention your sanity. Luckily, a quick snoop around the form will reveal some of the most obvious pitfalls to avoid. For starters, make sure to fill out the form correctly and in the proper order. And, be sure to pay attention to the fine print. You don’t want to make a bad impression on your new business partner. After all, a few typos could be disastrous. Luckily, the form is free and easy to use.

DD Form 788-2 Example

DD Form 788-2

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