DD Form 7A – Money Order Control Record

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 7A – Money Order Control Record – The DD Form 7A – Money Order Control Record is an essential document used in the Department of Defense. It provides a reliable and secure way to have records and control over money orders issued through the DoD’s financial management system. This form is necessary for tracking all money order transactions that occur within the Department of Defense, as it ensures proper accountability and fiscal stewardship over funds.

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Form Number DD Form 7A
Form Title Money Order Control Record
Edition Date 12/1/1955
File Size 43 KB

What is a DD Form 7A?

A DD Form 7A is a United States Department of Defense form used to document the control, receipt, and expenditure of funds through money orders. This form must be filled out for each money order issued by an agency or office in the Department of Defense. The form includes sections that require information about when and why the money order was issued, who received it, and how it was spent.

The purpose of the DD Form 7A is to ensure accountability for all expenditures made with public funds. All agencies must keep accurate records in order to adhere to budgeting regulations set by the federal government. Additionally, having this information on record allows organizations to track their spending over time and make necessary adjustments if needed. Completing this form accurately is essential for any organization within the Department of Defense that issues money orders as part of its operations.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 7A?

DD Form 7A, also known as the Money Order Control Record, is an important document used by service members to track payments and expenditures. The form is designed to be filled out by a military finance office in order to keep accurate records of funds received and spent. Finding a copy of DD Form 7A for your own financial tracking needs can be done easily online or at your local military installation.

Those looking for a convenient way to obtain the form can find it on the U.S. Army’s website. On their official page, you’ll find a link that will direct you to the DD Form 7A download page where you can save or print off your own copy of the form instantly. Alternatively, if you’re stationed at a military base, you can inquire with your unit’s finance office which should have copies readily available for use.

DD Form 7A – Money Order Control Record

The DD Form 7A is an important document for both military and civilian personnel who handle money. It is a financial record that allows users to track all transactions related to the sale or exchange of money orders. The form outlines the procedures for issuing, selling, and controlling money order purchases, ensuring that all transactions are properly tracked and documented.

The form includes information such as the name of the seller and purchaser, date of purchase, amount of purchase, payment type used (cash or check), serial number of each money order purchased/sold/exchanged, and other pertinent data. All information must be accurately filled out in order to eliminate any discrepancies or discrepancies between records. Money orders must always be paid in full before they can be issued; therefore it is essential that this form is completed thoroughly prior to any transaction taking place.

DD Form 7A Example

DD Form 7A

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