DD Form 827 – Application For Arrears in Pay

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 827 – Application For Arrears in Pay – The DD Form 827, Application for Arrears in Pay, is an important document used by US service members to apply for reimbursement of any unpaid wages due to them. It is a legal requirement for all members of the military who have served and are owed back pay. This form is necessary to ensure that each service member receives the proper compensation they are entitled to while serving their country.

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Form Number DD Form 827
Form Title Application For Arrears in Pay
Edition Date 3/1/1985
File Size 37 KB

What is a DD Form 827?

DD Form 827 is a U.S. Department of Defense document used to apply for payment arrears. It is designed to help members of the military obtain any amount of owed compensation that they may not have received due to certain circumstances such as an administrative error or service-related disability. The form is available on the DoD website and must be completed by the individual seeking benefits, detailing their rights and responsibilities regarding the application process. In order to qualify, individuals must provide proof of their claim along with details about their current financial situation and other pertinent information. Once all necessary documentation has been submitted, it will then be reviewed by an official from the Department of Defense who will determine whether or not the applicant is eligible for payment.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 827?

DD Form 827 is an essential document for those seeking to claim arrears in pay from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). This form is used by applicants who have not been properly compensated and are looking to receive the money they’re owed. Knowing where to find a DD Form 827 can be difficult, but the DoD provides this form on its website and it’s available electronically or as a paper application.

The electronic version found on the DoD website can be filled out any time, day or night, thus making it easier for applicants to quickly complete and submit their applications when needed. Additionally, printed copies of DD Form 827 are located at all military installations in personnel offices that handle pay matters.

DD Form 827 – Application For Arrears in Pay

The DD Form 827, also known as the “Application for Arrears in Pay,” is an essential form used by service members and their families to request a repayment of any pay or allowances they believe they are owed. Being on active duty or having served in a reserve capacity can sometimes lead to discrepancies, overpayments, or errors in pay that leave military personnel and their dependents with less money than expected. The DD Form 827 provides a means for them to receive the money that is due.

The process of applying for arrears in pay begins when the service member completes and submits the form along with any supporting documents such as receipts or statements from banks, insurance companies, etc.

DD Form 827 Example

DD Form 827

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