DD Form 879 – Statement of Compliance

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 879 – Statement of Compliance – A DD Form 879 is a statement of compliance that is used by individuals who are filing an income tax return to report the details of their financial affairs. This form contains information such as their name, address, social security number, and a list of their assets and liabilities. It also includes the date they are filing, whether they have filed a previous DD Form 879 and whether they have complied with all the required requirements.

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Form Number DD Form 879
Form Title Statement of Compliance
Edition Date 4/1/1998
File Size 46 KB

What is a DD Form 879?

A DD form 879 is a statement of compliance. It is designed to be filled out by contractors who don’t use the more specialized Department of Labor Form WH 347. The Department of Defense has no separate instructions for filling out the form. Fortunately, there is a plethora of other DoD forms to choose from.

Among the most important things to note is that a DD form 879 can be completed electronically or by mail. While you are at it, make sure to take a moment to sign the document in question with your official identification. Otherwise, you could be subject to criminal or civil prosecution. This may not be an issue in the case of a contractor, but it is a concern if you are in the defense industry.

There is an actual dd form 879, and you can download it to your computer. If you are the type who wants to save time and effort, you can even fill out the form online. However, if you’re still in the dark ages, you’re probably better off downloading a template.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 879?

If you are a contractor, you will need to complete DD Form 879, Statement of Compliance. It is a form that you can use to ensure that your contracts meet government regulations. You can also use it to calculate fringe benefits. For example, you might be able to calculate the cost of your fringe benefits if you are using a company that offers a service that allows you to pay for things like medical coverage, car insurance, and life insurance.

DD Form 1547 is another form that you will need to complete. This is a requirement if you have an indefinite-delivery contract or if your requirements exceed the threshold for price and cost. To complete this form, you will need a four-digit local control number. Following this, you will need the last two digits of your fiscal year. Then, you will need to fill out report no. and the other details. Finally, you will need to sign the form.

Aside from the aforementioned forms, there are other DoD forms that you may want to look into. For instance, you may want to check out a DD Form 214, which is a certificate of discharge from active duty. There are also other awards that you may have received in the military, including the Purple Heart and Silver Star.

DD Form 879 – Statement of Compliance

The DD Form 879 is the Statement of Compliance form for contractors who do not use the Department of Labor Form WH-347. It is used to calculate wages and fringe benefits for DBA-covered contracts. This form can be obtained from the U.S. Army website and is available in PDF format.

Contractors must submit a copy of the WD to the prime contractor and to their employees. Once the WD is approved, the contractor may pay the proposed rate. Alternatively, the contractor may elect to pay some or all of the wages in FBs. In this case, no adjustment is made to the contract price. However, the contractor must make a good faith effort to pay the wages as required but will be responsible for any additional amounts if the WD is not approved.

If a contractor does not pay the wages, the contractor may be subject to civil or criminal prosecution. Also, the WD may not be approved by the Department of Labor if it is determined that the wage rates are too low for workers in semi-skilled or unskilled classes. Similarly, if the WD is not approved by the Department of Defense, the contractor will be unable to extend the term of the contract.

DD Form 879 Example

DD Form 879

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