DD Form 1225 – Storage Quality Control Report

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 1225 – Storage Quality Control Report – If you need to locate a DD Form 1225, you are not alone. Many companies require this storage quality control report before shipping any goods. This is important for a number of reasons, including ensuring that items are handled properly. To find out more about DD Form 1225, read the following article.

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Form Number DD Form 1225
Form Title Storage Quality Control Report
Edition Date 9/1/2001
File Size 69 KB

What is a DD Form 1225?

A DD Form 1225 is a document that describes a material deficiency. Essentially, it’s a report detailing the deficiency of a material that the military has determined is no longer of use. The DD Form 1225 is used to document material deficiencies that result in items being returned to the supplier or used in a re-utilization screening process. It’s important to submit all required technical data, including the end-use, component, make, serial number, drawing piece, and applicable publication.

Generally, materiel has two categories: new and used. The first type is serviceable to all customers, while the second type is restricted. The latter type has a shelf-life of three to six months.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 1225?

If you need to find a DD Form 1225, you can use the Internet. The form is available in large, medium, and small sizes. It contains instructions and specifications for the item. It is important to find a form that corresponds to the item you need. The document must be signed by the sponsor.

DD Form 1225 – Storage Quality Control Report

Storage quality control is essential in order to maintain HAZMAT in good working condition. This report documents the state of HAZMAT storage in a facility. It also includes inspection and testing criteria. It is also used as part of the Shelf-Life Extension System. The DD Form 1225 – Storage Quality Control Report must be accurate and complete.

The storage quality control report consists of technical data, criteria, and standards. These must be reviewed at least five years, or as needed, when conditions arise. For example, if a new specification, technology, or testing method is adopted, the existing items must be re-evaluated. Also, a new shelf-life code can create new challenges.

Shelf-life extensions are necessary for certain situations, including when the shelf-life of a materiel is extended to extend its life. If the shelf-life of a Type II material is less than two years, it is necessary to attach a Shelf-Life Extension Notice (SLEN) to it. The DD Form 2477 series labels must have up-to-date shelf-life markings. Employees who are responsible for storage quality control are trained on shelf-life principles and policies.

DD Form 1225 Example

DD Form 1225

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