DD Form 1237 – Shell Egg Inspection

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 1237 – Shell Egg Inspection – You may be wondering, what is a DD Form 1237 and where can I find one? The good news is that these documents are very easy to find. Keep reading to learn more about this European Union standard and what it means for your business. Also, keep an eye out for the other related documents DD Form 1237 requires.

Download DD Form 1237 – Shell Egg Inspection

Form Number DD Form 1237
Form Title Shell Egg Inspection
Edition Date 4/1/1985
File Size 101 KB

What is a DD Form 1237?

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Where Can I Find a DD Form 1237?

A DD Form 1237 is a certificate that certifies an inspection of shell eggs and is valid for five years if no material changes were made to the shell egg structure. It is also valid when the DD-B1-1802 revision has been issued. You can download a copy of DD Form 1237 from the Department of Defense website.

DD Form 1237 – Shell Egg Inspection

DD Form 1237 – Shell Egg inspection is required for the inspection of shell eggs. It is valid for five years as long as there are no changes in the structure of the shell eggs or the contents of the eggs. It is also valid for the DD-B1-1802 revision.

Eggs imported from other countries are not subject to an inspection upon arrival in the United States. However, if the eggs are being shipped to a consignee for use in the home, a restaurant, or a governmental institution, the consignee must obtain an inspection certificate. Otherwise, the consignee must destroy the eggs for human consumption under the supervision of the inspector. The consignee must also notify the District Director of Customs of the rejection of the shipment.

In addition, the producer is required to maintain production records. The records should show the name and address of the shipper, as well as the quality and quantity of eggs sold. It should also provide the names of the receivers of the egg products.

DD Form 1237 Example

DD Form 1237

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