DD Form 2130-11 – B707-300C Load Plan

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 2130-11 – B707-300C Load Plan – When it comes to transporting passengers and cargo in a safe and efficient manner, the DD Form 2130-11 – B707-300C Load Plan is an essential document. This form outlines the maximum weight and balance of the aircraft while detailing how cargo should be loaded. It also lists any restrictions on specific items of dangerous goods or hazardous materials that can be carried on board.

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Form Number DD Form 2130-11
Form Title B707-300C Load Plan
Edition Date 9/1/1998
File Size 132KB

What is a DD Form 2130-11?

DD Form 2130-11 is used to develop a load plan for the Boeing 707-300C aircraft. The form provides an overview of the aircraft’s maximum cargo and passenger load capabilities and highlights any special loading requirements. It also contains information on weight and balance calculations, operating parameters, fuel capacity, and cargo compartment configuration. All of this data must be recorded accurately in order to create a safe and effective loading plan for the aircraft.

The DD Form 2130-11 covers several areas including gross takeoff weight limits, the center of gravity limits, baggage compartment capacities, cabin seating capacity, and cargo compartment configurations. Additionally, it includes space for filling out special notes such as restrictions or warnings related to specific items being carried aboard the aircraft. This form can be utilized by air charter companies as well as government entities that own or operate these types of aircraft.

Overall, DD Form 2130-11 provides essential details needed to safely determine an accurate payload analysis and ensure proper loading procedures are followed during takeoff or landing operations with this type of aircraft.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2130-11?

The DD Form 2130-11 is a document used for the loading of a B707-300C aircraft. This form provides instructions and guidance on how to plan, organize, and execute loading operations for the specific aircraft type. It includes diagrams and tables that indicate where cargo should be placed in order to ensure proper weight distribution and balance. It also outlines any applicable special operating procedures or restrictions related to the particular aircraft model.
The form is available from several sources, including U.S. Department of Defense websites, aviation-related bookstores, military supply stores, and online retailers. Additionally, pilots can purchase copies directly from their airline’s flight department or through an approved supply chain source such as Airtime Express Cargo Solutions (AECS).

DD Form 2130-11 – B707-300C Load Plan

The DD Form 2130-11 is an important document for the safe and efficient loading of Boeing 707-300C aircraft. This form provides pilots and crew members with information about the aircraft’s center of gravity limits, maximum takeoff weight, fuel capacity, cargo volume, and other relevant data. It also outlines the required distribution of passengers and cargo in order to maintain stability during flight.

The form includes a detailed load plan that shows the exact locations where each item should be placed. This helps ensure that no items are overloaded or unevenly distributed, which could lead to an unstable or unsafe flight situation. Additionally, it allows crew members to adjust the load distribution if necessary while planning or during preflight procedures. Adhering to this document can help ensure a smooth and successful flight for pilots and passengers alike.

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