DD Form 2130-12 – B747-100F/200C/200F Cargo Manifest

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 2130-12 – B747-100F/200C/200F Cargo Manifest – This article focuses on the DD Form 2130-12 – B747-100F 200C 200F Cargo Manifest. This form is used by airlines and air cargo companies to document the details of a cargo shipment. It records information such as flight origin and destination, flight number, aircraft registration numbers, the weight of cargo, the number and type of packages, and any other details related to the shipment. The form also helps the company responsible for delivering the cargo ensure that all safety regulations are met.

Download DD Form 2130-12 – B747-100F/200C/200F Cargo Manifest

Form Number DD Form 2130-12
Form Title B747-100F/200C/200F Cargo Manifest
Edition Date 9/1/1998
File Size 180 KB

What is a DD Form 2130-12?

DD Form 2130-12 is an official United States Department of Defense form used to document the cargo that is being loaded onto a B747-100F 200C 200F aircraft. It is a standard three-part carbonless form, comprising the top yellow master copy, middle white duplicate, and bottom canary triplicate. The manifest provides detailed information about the cargo being transported such as its weight, quantity, type, and destination. It also includes information about who packed it and by whom it was checked before shipment.

Additionally, this form records any special instructions for handling the goods during the transfer from one location to another. All relevant personnel must sign off on the DD Form 2130-12 to certify that all paperwork is accurate and in order prior to takeoff. This ensures safety for those involved in loading or transporting these goods as well as ensuring proper documentation of what’s been shipped at each stage of transport.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2130-12?

The DD Form 2130-12 is a form used for cargo manifests for B747-100F 200C and 200F airplanes. It is created by the Department of Defense (DoD) and is typically used by cargo carriers who transport military supplies, personnel, and equipment. The form can be found on the DoD website in the “Forms Library” section under “B747-100F 200C 200F Cargo Manifest”.

Additionally, it can be downloaded from any Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified air carrier or freight forwarder’s website under forms and documents related to cargo manifesting. Finally, if a business is considering hiring an independent contractor to provide air transportation services on behalf of the DoD, they can request that the contractor provide them with a copy of the DD Form 2130-12 as part of the contract process.

DD Form 2130-12 – B747-100F/200C/200F Cargo Manifest

The DD Form 2130-12 is a cargo manifest issued by the United States Air Force for B747-100F cargo aircraft. The form is used to record information about the weight, dimensions, and contents of cargo being transported on the aircraft. It also includes details about hazardous materials that may be on board. The form can be filled out manually or electronically, depending on the situation.

The 200C and 200F versions of the DD Form 2130-12 are designed specifically for use with B747-100F cargo aircraft. These forms include additional fields such as unit load device (ULD) size and type, ULD number, pallet position number, remarks field, shipper’s reference numbers, emergency contact information, and more. This additional detail allows aircrews to accurately account for all items loaded onto an aircraft prior to take off. Additionally, it helps ensure compliance with international aviation safety regulations related to hazardous materials transport and ULDs labeling requirements.

Aircrews must review their completed DD Form 2130-12 carefully before departure in order to ensure safe flight operations and accurate data entry into other systems such as logbooks or automated tracking systems.

DD Form 2130-12 Example

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