DD Form 2130-13 – C-17 Load Plan

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2130-13 – C-17 Load Plan – The DD Form 2130-13, commonly known as the C-17 Load Plan, is an essential document for air transportation personnel. Providing necessary information regarding cargo and passenger aircraft load plans, this form serves as a reference guide in ensuring safety and accuracy with the loading and offloading of passengers, material, and equipment. This form comes in handy when there is an increase in airlift operations due to natural disasters or military operations.

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Form Number DD Form 2130-13
Form Title C-17 Load Plan
Edition Date 9/1/1998
File Size 137 KB

What is a DD Form 2130-13?

DD Form 2130-13, commonly referred to as the C-17 Load Plan, is a document used by the United States Air Force to plan cargo and personnel transport on the C-17 Globemaster III aircraft. This form is critical for determining the loading configuration and weight distribution of payloads in order to maximize safety during flight. The form consists of two parts: part one contains information such as aircraft tail number, unit assignment, mission control number, et cetera; part two contains information about each cargo item or passenger. This includes net weight and center of gravity location which must be calculated accurately when recording data into this form. Finally, once all load data has been recorded onto DD Form 2130-13 it is double-checked for accuracy before being signed off by the unit commander. A completed copy of this document is given to the flight crew before takeoff as a reference tool for their mission.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2130-13?

DD Form 2130-13 is the official form used by the US Air Force to document loading plans for C-17 aircraft. It captures information such as cargo weight, the center of gravity, and other related data for each individual mission. The form is usually completed by a Loadmaster or Logistics Officer prior to flight operations. The form can be found online from various sources including the official U.S. Government websites like Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) or Air Mobility Command (AMC). Additionally, some private companies that specialize in military logistics may also have copies of the document available for download on their websites.

In addition to downloading a copy online, it is possible to obtain DD Form 2130-13 from a local base with an active Air Force presence – typically via the Base Supply Office or similar organization responsible for procurement and distribution of forms and documents related to air operations and maintenance activities. Lastly, printed copies may also be requested directly from DLA or AMC if these are not readily available locally at an Air Force base.

DD Form 2130-13 – C-17 Load Plan

DD Form 2130-13, also known as the C-17 Load Plan, is a form used by Air Mobility Command to document the details of a mission’s load plan and operations. This form is typically used for missions that involve transporting cargo on board an aircraft. The form includes information about the type of cargo being transported, such as weight and dimensions, as well as other details related to the flight’s mission. It also contains information about crew members assigned to the flight and their respective roles, along with other important operational data such as fuel requirements and navigation routes. Additionally, when entering data into this form it should be done accurately in order to ensure that proper safety measures are taken during any mission. Any discrepancies between what is listed on the DD Form 2130-13 and actual operational conditions may result in serious consequences for the safety or efficiency of any given operation.

DD Form 2130-13 Example

DD Form 2130-13

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